Minimum salary, qualifications set for Hoover superintendent job description

The Hoover BOE set qualifications and a minimum salary for the Hoover City Schools superintendent job posting during a Feb. 10 meeting. (File)

The Hoover BOE set qualifications and a minimum salary for the Hoover City Schools superintendent job posting during a Feb. 10 meeting. (File)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

HOOVER—The Hoover Board of Education established key items to be listed in the job description for a new superintendent to lead the Hoover City School System during a Feb. 10 special-called meeting. The BOE established requirements, qualifications and a minimum salary for the job.

In line with requirements for City Council members and BOE members, the superintendent will be required to live within the Hoover City Schools district, the BOE decided. However, the superintendent will not be required to send his or her children to Hoover City Schools.

“It is expected, but not required, based on mitigating circumstances,” BOE member Earl Cooper said.

BOE Vice President Derrick Murphy echoed Cooper’s sentiment, noting where the next superintendent chooses to send his or her children is a “parental decision,” and not the duty of the BOE.

Following feedback and data generated from recent public surveys and meetings, the BOE determined a doctorate degree is preferred, but not a necessary qualification for the superintendent position.

The BOE declined to set a salary range, instead opting to list a negotiable minimum salary of $187,000, along with an additional compensation package and incentives.

“We’re trying to exceed expectation, I don’t know if you can put a value on that,” Murphy said, underscoring the BOE’s willingness to negotiate a salary.

“I think we need to have the ability to move this to where we need to move it,” BOE member Stephen Presley said. “I don’t know that we need to post a range.”

The $187,000 minimum salary is more than that of former Hoover City Schools Superintendent Andy Craig, who netted a $183,901 salary.

The minimum salary is also competitive with surrounding city school districts, BOE member Craig Kelley noted Mountain Brook City School’s $192,260 superintendent salary and Vestavia City School’s superintendent salary of $178,869.

The Hoover City Schools superintendent job listing will be posted on Feb. 17, Alabama Association of School Boards education consultant Dr. Kendy Behrends confirmed.

The BOE expressed desire for a candidate that not only fits the job listing’s criteria, but also displays strong leadership.

“A leader has to be himself or herself. If you’re trying to clone a leader, that’s impossible,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Jim Reese said, cautioning against creating a specific definition of leadership. “A manager does things right, a leader does the right thing.”