Best of luck, Noah


On Monday night, dozens of folks gathered at Alabaster’s Chubb’s Grub Station to witness the Hollywood debut of a local man who, to many Shelby County residents, needs no introduction.
The party served as the local kickoff celebration for Alabaster resident Noah Galloway’s first episode competing on the popular Dancing with the Stars show.
Having already appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine as the “Ultimate Guy” in 2014, Galloway already has a nationwide group of supporters, and for good reason.
On Dec. 19, 2005, Galloway was serving in the 1st of the 502nd Infantry of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, and was driving an armored Humvee near Baghdad, Iraq, when the vehicle hit a tripwire for an improvised explosive device.
The resulting explosion threw the 9,000-pound Humvee through the air and knocked Galloway unconscious. When he awoke five days later, he was missing portions of his left arm and leg.
After struggling with depression and alcohol abuse after returning home from deployment, Galloway made it his mission to get back in shape and become more active in supporting his fellow veterans. Galloway regularly makes appearances at local schools, and is always greeted like the hero he is.
Each time we have interviewed Galloway, he has always demonstrated great humility, and is always quick to praise others above himself.
As his name spread across the country, Dancing with the Stars took notice and named him as part of the cast for the 20th season, which is airing now.
During the show, celebrities from across the nation receive dance lessons from professional instructors, and then compete each week in front of a judging panel. Each week throughout the season, the dancer with the lowest score – which is calculated by the judges and by viewer votes – is eliminated from the competition.
No matter Galloway’s outcome on the show, we will always stand behind and support Galloway. It’s the least we can do for someone who gave so much to serve our nation.