Meet Brit and Darling

Published 4:25 pm Monday, April 6, 2015




Brit is a 5-year-old female labrador retriever mix. This beautiful southern belle has been in shelter care since Jan. 14 of this year, and is waiting so patiently for her forever home! She’s very calm, passing her behavior test with flying colors! This sweet girl would love to be a permanent part of your family.



Darling is an 8-month-old domestic shorthair mix. Darling is very special in that she was born with her back legs splayed outward like “airplane wings.” With time and a wonderful foster home, her right back leg has fallen into place giving her an unusual gait. She loves to climb on beds, chairs and cat trees. Our lil’ darling needs a home where she is loved and appreciated for being unique.
If you think you could be the perfect family to take either Brit or Darling, please contact an adoption counselor here at the shelter 669-3916 ext. 2005. And as always, we have so many more here at the shelter available for adoption Tuesday through Saturday from noon-5:30p.m. Visit our website at or check us out on Facebook!