From the runway to the red carpet: Kristalize Boutique builds a name in fashion

Kristalize Boutique specializes in unique and handmade jewelry. (Contributed)

Kristalize Boutique specializes in unique and handmade jewelry. (Contributed)

By MOLLY DAVIDSON / Staff Writer

Calera resident Krista Lovelady never imagined the sensation her hand-beaded jewelry would become when she started Kristalize Boutique in 2012. Now, just three years later, her handcrafted pieces are sold at boutiques across the country and worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and the stars of the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules.

Kristalize Boutique was founded in 2012 by Calera resident, Krista Lovelady. (Contributed)

Kristalize Boutique was founded in 2012 by Calera resident, Krista Lovelady. (Contributed)

“It’s weird for me to think I’m the real thing,” Lovelady said with a laugh. “It’s hard to believe because I know where I’ve come from.”

Lovelady started Kristalize Boutique in 2012 when she was expecting her son.

“I just wanted to make a little extra cash on the side so I could stay home with my son,” Lovelady said.

Lovelady uses her years of experience in the Las Vegas and Birmingham fashion industries to blend trendy and timeless in her unique beaded designs. Each item is created with quality materials, using gemstones fresh from a quarry in Brazil to plated gold accent pieces.

The line includes necklaces, earrings, rings and Kristalize’s signature stackable bracelets, all of which are created to be affordable and versatile.

“Basically we try to keep everything super trendy, but also a style that (you can wear) year-round… something all ages can wear,” Lovelady said.

Lovelady’s designs quickly gained popularity and now Kristalize Boutique jewelry is sold at boutiques along U.S. 280, throughout the greater Birmingham area and at 71 boutiques from California to New York.

Keeping up with production is an everyday task for Lovelady and her team of four beaders and designers.

“We basically bead everyday,” Lovelady said. “Everything is handmade.”

After just three years, Kristalize Boutique is already building a name in the high fashion world, through collaborations with fashion bloggers and appearing at New York City’s Fashion Week.

The boutique also has a strong social media presence, with daily posts to Instagram and a following nearly 9,000 strong.

“Social media has really been my key,” Lovelady said. “I stay really up-to-date on photo shoots.”

Lovelady hopes to continue expanding Kristalize Boutique, reaching 100 boutiques in 2015.

“I’ve seen what it can do in three years, so the sky is the limit,” Lovelady said. “I have a lot of dreams for (Kristalize).”