UA SGA president, of Pelham, invited to Washington

Pelham High School grad Elliot Spillers, center, has been invited to a summit in Washington, D.C. (File)

Pelham High School grad Elliot Spillers, center, has been invited to a summit in Washington, D.C. (File)

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

TUSCALOOSA – Pelham native Elliot Spillers, the first black University of Alabama Student Government Association president in several decades, will work to combat everything from campus sexual assault to mental health issues during an upcoming summit in Washington, D.C.

Spillers recently was invited to the National Campus Leadership Council’s 2015 Presidential Leadership Summit. During the summit, Spillers will work with his peers from across the nation to combat items such as the rising cost of college, campus sexual assault, mental health and other issues facing college students.

“The three-day summit is designed to help student body presidents connect and problem-solve with each other and experts to try to tackle these pervasive issues,” read a release from the Campus Leadership Council.

During the May 31-June 1 trip, Spillers and 150 of his fellow student body presidents from across the United States will meet with White House administrators to discuss ways to strengthen their campus support programs for victims of sexual assault and prevent assault from happening.

Spillers and his peers also will meet with a mental health panel, and will work to enact campus policy designed to better prepare students for life after college.

“This year, Spiller’s vision for The University of Alabama campus epitomizes communication that highlights the resources and support available so students may live a healthy and energized life,” read the Campus Leadership Council release. “Spillers also looks forward to working with current campus partners to further develop undergraduate-focused training programs such as those that work with LGBTQ+ students and sexual assault bystander and prevention training.”