Miss PHS, Spring Edition

Published 11:52 am Monday, April 25, 2016

Miss PHS Jenna Bennett, center, poses for photos with Miss PHS escorts Jere Spillers, Jacob Caskey and Connor Christian. (Contributed)

Miss PHS Jenna Bennett, center, poses for photos with Miss PHS escorts Jere Spillers, Jacob Caskey and Connor Christian. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“When is Miss PHS usually held?” a student asked.

“Normally, January or February about the same time of Write Night,” I said, “Depending on what else is happening in the auditorium.”

What was happening in the auditorium this year included much-needed renovations. Now that the auditorium renovation is complete, winter activities are sliding in just before spring—which is already a hectic season at Pelham High School.

On April 9, 11 young women competed for the title of Miss PHS. In the past, few girls answer on-stage questions.

This year, having only 11 contestants allowed every girl to answer an on-stage question.

Perhaps knowing they would all answer questions set everyone at ease because the answers were marvelous and the girls were confident and well spoken.

Of course, on-stage questions pale in comparison to the judges’ interviews. Contestants arrived early dressed for their interviews with judges.

As the evening ended, senior Jenna Bennett was crowned Miss PHS. Bennett, who has participated in Miss PHS every year of high school, says that participating in an interview has been a huge part of her Miss PHS experience.

“I am so much more comfortable walking into a room full of strangers and being myself,” Bennett said. “Dancing and walking on stage have also built my confidence.”

The on-stage questions and answers displayed each young woman’s ability to be articulate and maintain grace under pressure.

One question asked, “Who is your favorite teacher and why?” and the response was inspiring.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. T. Hatch,” said sophomore Ryleigh Chambers. “She is my English teacher and my debate coach and I have really enjoyed getting to know her at debate tournaments.”

Bennett named her AP English Literature class taught by Rebecca Burnett as her favorite class.

Elite winners for each grade included: Freshman Jasmyne Hill, sophomore Ryleigh Chambers and junior Tori Peeler. Runners-up included Christina Crandall, Tori Peeler and Ryleigh Chambers tied for third, Chyanna Rausch, second and Tatum Ball, first.

Gentlemen escorts for Miss PHS included Jacob Caskey, Jere Spillers and Connor Christian.