HIS uses ‘Donors Choose’ for new projects


HELENA–Five teachers at Helena Intermediate School have used the “Donors Choose” website to get projects funded for their classrooms.

Teachers can go to the website and put in information about their students and the needs of their classroom. The teacher then e-mails stakeholders of the classroom to inform them of the project.

The “Donors Choose” community matches donations for first-time teachers up to $50 per donation. Also, other entities like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation match periodically. The combined total of the projects funded so far this school year at HIS is $7,514.

Jill Davis, HIS library media specialist, needed money to purchase items for the maker space. She asked for $344.73 and this was funded in seven days.

Natalie Landrum, a fourth grade teacher at HIS, asked for 10 Google Chrome Books for her class. The total amount given for her project was $2,032.

Lauren Davis, a fourth grade teacher at HIS, asked for three class sets of books. She asked for $771 and it took two weeks for her project to be funded.

Angie Jarrell, another fourth grade teacher at HIS, also asked for 10 Chrome Books and it took one month to be funded. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also matched it.

Amanda Miller, a teacher of gifted students, asked for five EV3 Lego Robotics kits. Her project total was $2,293 and this project was fully funded in five days.