6th annual COMS Day held on Oct. 27

By SABRINA ZIZO / Community Columnist

Each year, the Communication Studies senior capstone class hosts COMS Day, an event with the purpose of promoting the possibilities that the Communication Studies major offers to prospective students.

Five committees that are made up of individuals in the class and that include executive, public relations, venue, fundraising and activities, plan and implement this annual event.


This year’s COMS Day on Thursday, Oct. 27 will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Anna Irvin Dining Hall at the University of Montevallo.

Giselle Casadaban, chair of the PR Committee, described how COMS Day has helped her as a young professional.

“This project gave me a real-world event to plan with real-world due dates,” she said. “At my internships this summer, I was working on similar projects, but I was always assisting someone else. This project allowed me to understand what being a manager feels like. It taught me how to delegate work and maintain team morale, along with completing all of my own tasks.”

This year, COMS Day is focused on sharing the possibilities of the major with local community college students and undeclared Montevallo students.

They are invited to learn more about the Communication Studies discipline and the University of Montevallo through both networking and engaging programming. A full schedule can be found on the COMS Day 2016 website.

Emme Long, chief executive officer described her hopes for the day.

“Watching every COMS Day as a student in the program has been a monumental milestone in my growth as a Communication Studies student,” Long said. “I couldn’t wait, after three years of anticipation, to finally put my stamp on the day. With this year, I hope our attendants feel the openness and authenticity that are so often associated with our major across campus.”