Alabaster seats City Council committees

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Alabaster City Council members will meet regularly with city department heads to stay up-to-date on city happenings, after they were named to multiple committees during a recent meeting.

Council members announced the members of their public safety, public works, parks and recreation, public relations and environmental services committees during their Dec. 29, 2016, meeting.

Over the next four years, the committees will meet regularly with their respective city departments, and will give updates on the departments’ activities during council meetings. The public relations committee will work closely with the publisher of the city’s newsletter, which is mailed to all Alabaster residents.

Three City Council members were named to each committee. Under Alabama’s Open Meetings Act, the committees will be required to give 24 hours notice of a meeting if all three council members are in attendance at the committee meetings.

“I want to thank those members of the City Council for their additional service through those committees,” said Alabaster Mayor Marty Handlon.

The following council members were named to the following committees:

Public safety

-Russell Bedsole – Chairman

-Greg Farrell – Vice chairman

-Stacy Rakestraw – Secretary

Public works

-Stacy Rakestraw – Chairman

-Rick Ellis – Vice chairman

-Scott Brakefield – Secretary

Parks and Recreation

-Kerri Pate – Chairman

-Russell Bedsole – Vice chairman

-Rick Ellis – Secretary

Public relations

-Sophie Martin – Chairman

-Kerri Pate – Vice chairman

-Greg Farrell – Secretary

Environmental Services

-Greg Farrell – Chairman

-Scott Brakefield – Vice chairman

-Sophie Martin – Secretary