ECCS students celebrate “Little House on the Prairie” Day

Evangel Classical Christian School teacher Donna Moore’s kindergarten class celebrated the 12th annual “Little House on the Prairie” Day on Thursday, Jan. 12. Moore said the event lasted for the duration of the school day.

“One of the literature books that the children read each year is ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ I thought it would be fun for them to actually do some of the activities and things that Laura [Ingalls Wilder] did,” Moore said.

During Little House Day, students dressed like pioneers, danced with a live fiddler, made butter and vinegar pie, and looked at items related to the novel series “Little House on the Prairie.”

Moore said “Little House on the Prairie” has always featured a live fiddler, and students performed a dance from the pioneer era. Students also played with a “jumping jack” doll, which is similar to a puppet.

Students also tasted homemade vinegar pie, butter, and bread. Students also made candy out of maple syrup.

“These are several of the foods that are mentioned in the story,” Moore said.

At the end of the day, students watched an episode from the “Little House on the Prairie” television series, which originally aired in the 1970s.

Moore said the event gave students a new way to learn about history and literature.

“I like to include as much real life in the literature as possible,” Moore said. “I just feel that it’s important for the kids to get a feel for the book and what actually happened.”

Moore also said the event helped students understand the parallels between modern life and life for previous generations.

“I think it gives them a feel for what they have now, compared to what children long ago had and it [encourages them] to be more thankful for what they have and to see the progress we’ve made,” Moore said.

Students said “Little House on the Prairie” Day was a unique event, and they enjoyed participating.

“We danced to the fiddler, and it was the best. He was playing the fiddle, and it was really cool,” said student Bailey Luna. “I want to have ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Day every single day. It would be the best.”