‘Forgotten Alabama’ photographer to present at Albert L. Scott

Well known photographer and Shelby County resident Glenn Wills is set to give a presentation at the Albert L. Scott Library on Sunday, Jan. 22 at 2 p.m. Public Services Librarian Carol Smith said his presentation is part of the library’s Cake and Culture program.

“He’s promoting his new book, called ‘More Forgotten Alabama.’ He’s a wonderful photographer,” Smith said. “I’d like to think of it as an art program.”

Smith said Wills’s presentation covers his new book, as well as his background in photography.

“More Forgotten Alabama” is the sequel to Wills’s first photography book “Forgotten Alabama.” It was published on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016. Smith said “More Forgotten Alabama” covers the same subject matter and is formatted in the same way as his original book.

“These are all throwbacks. Sometimes it will be gas pumps or a house that’s been eaten up by kudzu.” Smith said. “He plans most of it in the winter, so you can see more of the bare bones of whatever it is and the leaves aren’t in the way.”

Smith said she originally discovered his work on Facebook, and was intrigued by his work.

“I first ran across him online. On Facebook, there was a page called ‘Forgotten Alabama,’ with pictures of old things that are forgotten, falling apart, decaying and are no longer going to be around. They were really cool pictures.” Smith said.

Smith said the first library program Wills was featured in took place last year at the Albert L. Scott Library. This is his second Albert L. Scott Library program.

“I thought that maybe I could just get him over here and have him do a program. He did his first library program here last year.” Smith said. “He started here, and he’s been booking more and more libraries since he’s come here. It’s nice that we’ve been able to help him and take part in this.”

Smith said Wills’s presentation style is laid back and conversational.

“He’s a straightforward presenter.” Smith said. “He’s very out there, and he will tell you what he sees. I find him very funny.”

Refreshments will be served after Wills’s presentation. Copies of “Forgotten Alabama” and “More Forgotten Alabama” will be sold and signed by Wills.

“Photography buffs and people who are into looking back would love it,” Smith said. “You can tell that photography is his passion, and he loves Alabama.”