RMS hosts Science Showcase Night

PELHAM – Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at Riverchase Middle School put their creativity on display during the school’s Science Showcase Night on Wednesday, January 18.

The sixth grade students created interactive stations about the environment, seventh grade students created models and posters of cells and the eighth graders were allowed to chose a topic for their projects.

First, second and third place awards were given to the eighth grade students in each of five categories. The students were tasked with completing a project that fit into the category of engineering, behavioral and social sciences, product and consumer analysis, physical science and biology, health and medicine.

The first place winners in each category received a trophy and the second and third place winners received medals.

“I was very impressed,” said eighth grade science teacher Alicia Melton. “This is our third year doing this and one of the rules is that there can’t be any duplicate project ideas. The students were very creative and we didn’t hardly have any students with the same idea.”

Melton also thanked the parents and the community for attending the showcase and supporting the students.

The winners in each category are:

Behavioral and Social Sciences:

1st: How Scary Movies Affect Sleep by Abby Camlic

2nd: Can you Spot the Fake Smile? by Noha Obaid

3rd: Chicken, Dog Food, and Milkbones by Annika Galloway


Product and Consumer Analysis:

1st:  Battery Value by Drew Wyatt

2nd:  Massive Soda by Shaun O’Neil

3rd:  Which Brand of Breath Mints will Cool Water Fastest? by Colton Weber


Physical Science

1st:  Merry Poppins by Kennedi Adamson

2nd:  Refraction and Snell’s Law by Hunter Dezenzio

3rd:  Cutting Down on the Brown by Hill Allen



1st:  Wind Power by Eli Chambers

2nd:  Lemon Battery by Kylie Habner

3rd: Homemade vs. Lush Bath Bomb by Madison Quarnstrom


Biology/ Med/ Health

1st:  Should You Water your Plants with Juice? by Jessi Hall

2nd:  How Does Stress Affect your Body by Anna Grace Smith

3rd: Heart Rate Differences Between Vegetarians and Omnivores by Jessica Sheffield