Arrests for the week of Jan. 25, 2017

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from Jan. 11- Jan. 17.




Jan. 11

-Mitchell Vann Glaze, 46, Shelby, public intoxication.


Jan. 12

-Jacquelyn Marie Dutton, 51, Warrior, alias writ of arrest.

-Vicky Lynn Price Willis, 56, Tarrant, alias writ of arrest.


Jan. 13

-Rodney Lee Thigpin, 28, Montevallo, parole violation.

-William Dudley Elijah Underwood, 19, distribution of a controlled substance.


Jan. 14

-Anthony Rumel Caffey, 28, Alabaster, failure to comply with court orders.

-Laura Katherine Mauney, 31, Calera, failure to appear.


Jan. 15

-Edgar Juan Barragan Cortes, 29, Alabaster, public intoxication.

-Kyler Henry Penhale Carter, 19, Maylene, minor in possession of alcohol.

-Aleigha Marie Crawford, 18, Calera, minor in possession of alcohol.


Jan. 16

-Aaron Clark Alford, 53, Montevallo, alias writ of arrest.

-Stephanie Kaye Giddens, 25, Warrior, failure to appear.

-April Foreman Gannaway, 49, Bessemer, violation of court order.

-Jason Michael Millard, 29, Shelby, altering firearm identification.

-Jodie Lynn Duke, 45, Shelby, possession of drug paraphernalia.


Jan. 17

-Tyrone Williams, 57, Helena, alias writ.

-Natasha Rae Clark, 32, Calera, theft of property.



Jan. 11

-Donnie Jene Martin, 34, Selma, failure to appear.

-Kelsie Wilson, 25, Montevallo, failure to appear.

-Joseph Daniel Rodda, 31, Montevallo, attempting to elude police officer.


Jan. 12

-Jessica Diane Dawson, 27, Clanton, theft of property.

-Kristi Robbins Gollach, 34, Jemison, possession of marijuana.

-Randy Lamar Dixon, 39, Calera, failure to appear.

-Ashton Douglas Woods, 20, Calera, failure to appear.


Jan. 13

-Ashley Lauren Hamilton, 43, Montevallo, failure to appear.


Jan. 14

-Dakota Shain Hodges, 21, Wilsonville, failure to appear.

-Cory Allen Bryant, 26, Birmingham, possession of a controlled substance.

-Susan Airees Wyatt, 53, Montevallo, possession of a controlled substance.

-Samantha Mai Lee, 27, Birmingham, failure to appear.

-Christina Lynn Wood, 37, Springville, domestic violence.


Jan. 15

-Clinton Todd Blanks, 25, Montevallo, theft of property.

-Logan Thomas Murphy, 20, Panama City Beach, Florida, possession of marijuana.

-James Bryan Kephart, 28, Jemison, failure to appear.


Jan. 16

-Nicholas Wayne Hamlett, 37, Clanton, agency assist.

-Alvin Jerome Thomas, 55, Alabaster, failure to appear.


Jan. 17

-Antonio Deon Miller, 38, Birmingham, failure to appear.

-Devven Darnell Johnson, 22, Calera, possession of marijuana.


Jan. 18

-Robert Terrell Yeager, 35, Montgomery, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Lindsey Marie Jared, 34, Calera, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Michael Charles Segrest, 38, Hoover, possession of a controlled substance.




Jan. 5

-Wanda Gail Bright, 33, failure to appear.

-Brad Avery Burns, 31, possession of drug paraphernalia.


Jan. 8

-Erik Dusty Morgan, 29, driving while license suspended.


Jan. 12

-Dustin Scott Wood, 22, public intoxication.


Jan. 13

-Steven Campbell, 20, domestic violence.

-Dakota Ryan Mullinax, 22, failure to appear.

-Colton Brian Johnson, 18, methamphetamine.


Jan. 15

-Jason Dale Lloyd, 38, possession of marijuana.


Jan. 16

-Justin Lee King, 22, failure to appear.





Jan. 10

-Robert Pleasant, Birmingham, probation violation.


Jan. 11

-Charles Santez Phillips, Tuscaloosa, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Anthony Dunklin, Helena, public intoxication.


Jan. 12

-Marion Levay Gentry, Montevallo, possession of marijuana.


Jan. 13

-Jacob Thomas Graham, Helena, using false identification.


Jan. 15

-Ahmed Faris Alomany, Alabaster, driving under the influence.


Jan. 16

-Ronald David Holmes, Bessemer, probation violation.




Jan. 10

-Melissa Ann Clecker, 26, Verbena, alias writ of arrest.

-Donnie Jene Martin, 34, Montevallo, agency assist.


Jan. 12

-Alicia Fay Beasley, 33, Centreville, agency assist.


Jan. 13

-Gabrielle Eloise Simone Prowell, 29, Montevallo, possession of marijuana.


Jan. 14

-Bentley Joe Walker, 55, Montevallo, public intoxication.




Jan. 11

-Merrow Brown, 35, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Anthony Chappell, 22, Bessemer, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Timothy Jude, 29, Calera, theft of property.


Jan. 12

-Heriberto Domiguez, 34, Pelham, alias warrant.

-Jaquiel Gover, 21, Bessemer, carrying pistol without license.

-Deandra Sanders, 31, Birmingham, alias warrant.


Jan. 13

-Reneemka Benson, 34, Bessemer, alias warrant.

-Tyrone Holland, 25, Hoover, escape.

-Evania Palacio, 24, Montgomery, alias warrant.

-Issai Serrano, 24, Alabaster, unlawful possession of marijuana.


Jan. 14

-Carlos Dunner, 35, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Sidonte Harris, 19, Birmingham, burglary.

-Felisha Taylor, 31, Birmingham, alias warrant.


Jan. 16

-Antonia Nichols, 40, Grant, alias warrant.


Jan. 17

-Richard Derieux, 54, Calera, driving under the influence.

-Hector Marquez Salgado, 40, Pelham, alias warrant.

-John Prince, 43, Pelham, contribute delinquency minor.

-Joseph Teer, 55, Fultondale, suspicious behavior.