Helena Beautification Board to upgrade strip in Old Town

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA–A portion of Old Town Helena will soon get some aesthetic upgrades, as the Helena City Council approved an Old Town landscaping proposal from the Helena Beautification Board on Monday, Jan. 23.

The project is set to upgrade a strip in Old Town Helena from the corner of Oh My Sole clothing store to the corner of Senor Chef restaurant.

“We want to proceed with our continuing efforts to make Helena a beautiful place to live, work and shop,” Helena Beautification Board Chairman Chris VanCleave said.

To upgrade the strip, VanCleave said the 12 low growing crape myrtles and soil would be removed to eliminate the interference the trees were causing with vehicles parked near the sidewalk.

Excavation work is expected to begin in early March and the highlights of the project include filling the strip with planting soil, removing six pole planters, planting five roses that will align with the parking spot markers, installation of six pole planters in between the roses, planting perennials as ground cover in the strip and placing mulch in the strip.

VanCleave said the Helena Beautification Board would be able to cover the cost of the expenses and an additional budget request was not required for the project. The city of Helena will assist with the removal of the 12 crape myrtles and top layer of dirt.

Helena Mayor Mark Hall praised the Helena Beautification Board members for all the work they put in to help keep Helena beautiful.

“These guys are awesome,” Hall said. “The things you do for us are tremendous. I just can’t say enough. They volunteer their time and they’re out there on Saturday mornings cleaning up and it’s just unbelievable.”

Planting in the strip is expected to begin sometime near the end of March or early April.

The Helena Beautification Board is an appointed board of the Helena City Council. The Board believes that people and places are profoundly connected and thriving communities are rooted in individual responsibility and action. They host a variety of opportunities for the community to come together and serve each year. Events are posted on the Helena Beautiful page and announced via Twitter at @TweetHomeHelena.