Dock shooting among techniques taught at Crappie University


HOOVER – Of all the crappie fishing techniques that will be taught at Jefferson State Community College’s Crappie University, “Dock Shooting” may top the list with crappie experts.

Crappie University is a unique, four-week continuing education course beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and continues on Wednesday, Feb. 22, Monday, Feb. 27 and Wednesday, March 1 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Crappie guides and tournament pros will be teaching all the crappie techniques including dock shooting.

Although it has been used by skilled anglers for a while, dock shooting has become much more popular due to new tackle developments which make it much easier to master.

The dock shooting name comes from the process by which the angler, using spinning gear, with three feet or so of line extending from the tip of the rod, grips the bend of the jig hook, draws the lure back underneath the rod like a bow, aims at the target and then releases the jig so that it skips back under the docks, walkways, swim platforms and boat lifts. These spots give the crappie cover that can’t be reached by other fishing methods. The average angler will miss crappie holding in the deep shade of these spots. This may be the most productive technique for highly-pressured lakes.

Crappie University pros Barry Morrow, “the crappie coach,” and two-time Crappie Masters’ Angler of the Year, Dan Dannenmueller will be teaching this technique and offer a number of tips for mastering it.

Enrollment fee for this entire four-week course is $89.

For more information or to enroll, call Jefferson State at 856-7710 or visit