MVES kicks off Warrior Run at pep rally

ALABASTER- Meadow View Elementary School students kicked off their participation in the 2017 Warrior Run at a pep rally in the school’s gym on Wednesday, March 8. According to MVES Principal Rachea Simms, the pep rally served as a precursor event for the Warrior Run, which is scheduled for Friday, March 17.

“We like to get the kids excited about the run that’s coming up. We also send out our sponsor forms out today, and we get our fundraising initiative started for the week,” said MVES physical education teacher and Wellness Committee head Tracy Edwards. “The Fun Run on the 17th will let them go out and celebrate their health. It’s a fun day, and a great way to raise money for the school.”

According to Principal Rachea Simms, the theme of this year’s Warrior Run is “Not All Heroes Wear Capes.”

“Our desire is to prove to children that they’re heroes themselves. They can be a hero as a friend, and as a student,” Simms said. “We’re going to be teaching them throughout this week, before our Warrior Run, about the character skills that are related to being a hero.”

During the pep rally, students cheered with the Thompson High School drum line and cheerleaders, and listened to guest speaker Thomas Rayam talk about heroes.

Rayam, an Alabaster Resident and former NFL football player, the 2017 Warrior Run sends a good message to kids and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

“We’re promoting positive attitudes among the kids and trying to get rid of some of the negativity that they hear and see from society. We can be heroes just by being ourselves,” Rayam said. “These kids are really excited right now, and they’re doing a lot to prepare for the Warrior Run next week.”

Simms said MVES is keeping the same goal of $20,000 that they had last year. If students meet the goal, they will get a special opportunity.

“Last year, the kids raised over $30,000. The student who is the top earner will get to pie me in the face,” Simms said. “If we reach our overall goal, I’ll have to sleep on the roof. I’m going to be a tent. They tuck me in at night, and they wake me up in the morning.”

The money will be used to provide MVES students with new playground equipment and to enhance the school’s outdoor science classroom.

Simms thanked the Wellness Committee for organizing the Warrior Run, and MVES faculty and staff and the PTO for their support.