Write Night Review boasts positive feedback

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

After every Write Night, Literary Magazine has a Write Night Review. While the event is still fresh in our minds, we make note of what was wonderful about Write Night and what needs improvement. This year, Write Night boasted lots of wonderful.

“The comment I heard most was, ‘You have an incredible staff,’” I say.  The staff grins. The real magic of Write Night follows.

“I was impressed. I mean, this staff really impressed me. Ya’ll rock. Write Night was lit.” Senior Editor Kat Owens says. Fellow emcee and senior Molly Stephens, nods in agreement.

The rest of the class sits up a little straighter, their grins grow from half-mast to full face, and this staff is ready to complete their mission. The first magazine staff I worked with created this mission statement, “Our mission is to celebrate the artistry and diversity of Pelham High School students, and to provide a venue for the publication and distribution of their work.”

Write Night is the celebration of performance art—and those performances come to fruition thanks to theatre teacher Jamie Stephenson and her amazing tech crew. Of course, the performers themselves are the main attraction.

This year, in addition to our students’ incredible solo and small group performances, Write Night featured the band Sparetime once again. While some members of the band still attend PHS, old friends who’ve graduated came back to play and to relive the fun of Write Night again.

The band’s energy and talents added to the wonderful of Write Night—thrilling everyone with their energy and amazing talents. PHS alum Ryan Weaver, currently touring with the band Rush of Fools, had a break in his schedule and spent that break making Write Night a trending event on social media.

“We had a blast. It’s an honor to be trusted by you and Mrs. Stevenson to perform. We hope that Pelham’s energy just continues to rise for the arts!” said Weaver.
Rumor has it that Sparetime will be releasing music soon—and I know that Pelham will be following their hometown band.