Marriages for the week of May 3, 2017

The following marriages licenses were issued in Shelby County from Apr 18 to Apr 25.


Apr 18

-Brandon Rosso, of Calera, to Lindsey McDaniel, of Calera

-Aaron Eastman, of Sterrett, to Savannah McWilliams, of Chelsea

-David Collins, of Wilsonville, to Billie Eubanks, of Wilsonville

-Caroline Pace, of Wilsonville, to Kenneth Johnstone, of Wilsonville

-Gilbert Roberts III, of Birmingham, to Allison Krafft, of Birmingham

-Jonathan Cushen, of Helena, to Ashton Rigsby, of Helena


Apr 19

-Samuel Waldrop Jr., of Harpersville, to Ashleigh Harlow, of Harpersville

-Kenneth Dykes, of Birmingham, to Madison Harris, of Birmingham

-Harrison Kahrig, of Alabaster. To Kayla Henderson, of Helena

-Catherine Allarde, of Calera, to Robert Rutledge, of Birmingham

-Joseph Nail, of Helena, to Brandy Melgren, of Helena

-Billie Ann Usrey, of Gardendale, to James Wilson Jr., of Alabaster


Apr 20

-Tracy Moody, of Alabaster, to Derek Wood, of Alabaster

-Andrew Colantuono, of Englewood, FL, to Christina Avery, of Birmingham

-Tyler Gamble, of Alabaster, to Carrie Robertson, of Fort Payne

-Aaron Curiel, of Chelsea, to Kattie Chesser, of Chelsea

-Cody Hill, of Auburn, to Poppy Tidwell, of Auburn

-Donald Smith Jr., of Pelham, to Ellen Neely, of Pelham

-Marla Barrett, of Leeds, to James Ingram Jr., of Leeds

-Derek Lemke, of Birmingham, to Julie Sanderson, of Birmingham

-David Martin, of Calera, to Tammy Coburn, of Calera


Apr 21

-Edward Norton, of Calera, to Jessica Deyo, of Calera

-Robert Green, of Alabaster, to Tiffany Bush, of Calera

-Christopher Thompson, of Hueytown, to Katrina Kane, of Pelham

-Johnanika Turpin, of Birmingham, to Clarence House, of Stockbridge

-Michael Friedman, of Alabaster, to Joanna Gray of Alabaster

-Judith Wright, of Alabaster, to Daniel Warren, of Alabaster

-Michael Smith, of Calera, to Patricia Greggs, of Calera

-Kristina Doering, of Shelby, to John Grider, of Calera

-Donald Tillis, of Birmingham, to Victoria Davis, of Birmingham

-Joshua Hutchens, of Chelsea, to Lauren Bozarth, of Troy

-Matthew Jones, of Birmingham, to Juliana Larota, of Birmingham


Apr 24

-Timothy Smith, of Columbiana, to Jessie Bradley, of Hueytown

-Suzat Mitchell, of Columbiana, to Steven Palmer, of Columbiana

-Jeffrey Palmer, of Pelham, to Jonathan Ingram, of Pelham

-Isaac Williamson, III, of Calera, to Teresa Hall, of Calera

-Hali Tomlin, of Vincent, to Austin Brown, of Vincent


Apr 25

-Phillip Paulk, of Birmingham, to Claire Edge, of Birmingham

-Tommie Smith, of Alabaster, to Angela Lucas, of Montevallo