Montevallo Presbyterian recovering from storm damages


Montevallo Presbyterian Church was damaged by storms on April 3. As a result, the church recently had to demolish the building’s front wall, which held a large stained-glass window that was an icon in the community.

A large tree fell on the church, tearing through the roof of the building and causing severe structural damage.

According to property chair Dr. Don Clayton, the wall holding the stained-glass window was leaning so far that it would have been too dangerous to attempt to salvage the cherished artwork.

“It’s broken, but we saved the pieces and are thinking about repurposing it somehow,” Clayton said. “At this point, we’re just trying to get [the church] cleaned up.”

At press time, crews were in the process of cleaning up debris so the church’s insurance company could assess the damages. The assessment will determine the church’s plans moving forward, according to Clayton.

In the meantime, the congregation is meeting in the Forbes House at 820 Vine Street. The building belongs to the church and holds the pastor’s office.

“We have met there before. It’s fine for our congregation … we have it set up and it’s a good place to meet,” Clayton said.

The church has put what it could from the main building in climate-controlled storage until it can reconstruct the sanctuary. Clayton said the congregation has the piano, organ and some chairs in storage already, and hopes to put what pews can be salvaged in storage as well.

Clayton said the church would form a committee to decide how to rebuild. He speculated that the committee would decide to use parts of the damaged sanctuary and stained-glass window in the renovated sanctuary.

“We are all working together to put this back together and make it usable again. And I think we will, it’s just a matter of time,” Clayton said.

The church has established a fund for the restoration of its building. For more information or to give, visit