Marriages for the week of May 17, 2017

The following marriage licenses were issued in Shelby County from May 3 to May 9.


May 3

-Joel Castanon, of Calera, to Monica Cervantes of Alabster

-Andrew Thrash of Birmingham, to Tatum Denson, of Birmingham

-Charles Hendon Jr., of Calera, to Sonia Robinson, of Calera

-Della Braxton, of Birmingham, to Jacob Uppling, of Birmingham

-Myles Jones, of Calera, to Megan Rentfrow, of Calera


May 4

-John Barefield III, of Birmingham, to Erin Kinard, of Birmingham

-Richard Colley III, of Columbus OH, to Christina Rodriguez, of Columbus OH

-Thomas Bates, Jr., of Montevallo, to Renee Cross, of Montevallo

-Saul Arceo-Esquivel, of Calera, to Marfil del Toro, of Calera

-Brandon Thomas, of Pelham, to Ambrea Daniels, of Pelham

-Tyler Millsap, of Pelham, to Rachel Hardeman, of Pelham

-Eason Abraham, of Calera, to Kristin Bilyeu, of Norman

-Ashley Chasen, of Maylene, to Jermaine Powell, of Alabaster

-Cecil Hodgens Jr., of Chelsea, to Ann Hunter, of Chelsea


May 5

-Michael Chambless, of Alabaster, to Cynthia Simpson, of Alabaster

-Jahima Olague, of Childersburg, to Escamilla Duarte, of Chilsdersburg

-Dang Ho, of Birmingham, to Ha Cao, of Birmingham

-Denetris Williams, of Alabaster, to Rosamond Pittman, of Alabaster

-Ayla Peek, of Birmingham, to Christopher Alderman Jr., of Birmingham

-Brodrick Robertson, of Calera, to Amber Boyds, of Montevallo

-Kristen Beam, of Pelham, to Thomas Brown, of Clanton

-Amanda Wood, of Birmingham, to Matthew Eddleman, of Birmingham

-Libby Grimes, of Dothan, to John Vaughn II, of Calera


May 8

-Michael Wadsworth, of Birmingham, to Madison Luther, of Birmingham

-Brant Quesenberry, of Calera, to Kelly Bennett, of Calera

-Jennifer Pittman, of Pelham, to William Keller III, of Pelham

-Stephen Mebius, of Maylene, to Kristy Myers, of Maylene

-Bradley Paschal, of Framingham, to Jennifer Strack, of Framingham

-Gary Gable, of Vincent, to Joy Goodwin, of Bessemer

-Maryann Lee, of Brierfield, to Michael Fishers, of Helena


May 9

-Jonathan Dutton, of Alabaster, to Katelyn Aldridge, of Alabaster

-Derek Drussa, of Birmingham, to Candace Rawden, of Birmingham

-Matthew Zettler, of Sterrett, to Amber Bassett, of Sterrett

-Shannon Price, of Montevallo, to Misty Moore, Montevallo

-Travis Hyde, of Montevallo, to Brittany Black, of Montevallo

-Miranda Tennyson, of Alabaster, to Jason Ingram, of Alabaster

-Freddie Watkins, of Calera, to Shavon Lewis, of Calera