Police reports for the week of May 24, 2017



The following incidents were reported by municipal police departments from May 10 to May 18.




May 10

-Theft of property from Best Buy (department store)

-Harassing communications from 1400 block sequoia trail (residence/home)

-Information only report from 600 block 11th street northwest (highway/street)

-Lost property from Ross (department store)

-Harassment from 100 block cape cod circle (highway/street)

-Possession of marijuana from highway 87/exit 234 I65 (highway/street)

-Property damage from 9200 block of highway 119 (parking lot/garage)

-Information only report from 7800 block highway 17 (residence/home)

-Found property from alabaster polide dept (commercial)

-Information only report from 1100 block 9th avenue southwest (residence/home)

-Information only report from Verizon Wireless (specialty store)


May 11

-Theft of property from 200 block 1st street southwest (other)

-Information only report from between alabaster and Montevallo (residence/home)

-Theft of lost property from 100 block market center drive (specialty store)

-Identity theft from unknown location/ gulf coast (residence/home)

-Information only report from 1100 block independence drive (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from US 31 at south colonial drive (highway/street)

-Information only report from Clay Greene Inc. (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 100 block south colonial drive (department store)

-Possession of controlled substance from 300 block south colonial drive (department store)


May 12

-Domestic incident from 100 block buck creek drive (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 1100 block arrowhead trail (residence/home)

-Property damage from 1200 block kent dairy road (highway/street)

-Information only report from Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant)

-Theft of property from 700 block fulton springs road (other)

-Animal complaint from 2000 block king Charles place (residence/home)

-Information only report from mcdonalds south colonial drive (parking lot/garage)

-Criminal mischief from 1400 block Thompson road (construction)

-Animal complaint from 100 block king james court (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 1400 block Thompson road (construction)

-Information only report from 600 block 12th street northwest (residence/home)

-Property damage from kent dairy road (highway/street)

-Domestic incident from Buddy’s Home Furnishing (parking lot/garage)

-Domestic violence from 100 block deer run drive (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from canter way and saddle lake drive (highway/street)

-Property damage from 218 2nd street southwest (department store)

-Possession of controlled substance from 500 block US 31 (highway/street)


May 13

-Harassing communications from Maylene drive (residence/home)

-Missing person from 1600 block king Charles court (residence/home)

-Breaking and entering from 200 block couth colonial drive (restaurant)

-Criminal mischief from 3500 block Pelham parkway (construction)

-Domestic incident from 7800 block count road 17 (residence/home)

-Possession of K-2, wizard weed, spice, or serenity from 500 block 1st street north (highway/street)


May 14

-Property damage from Lowe’s Home Improvement (highway/street)

-Burglary from 400 block 3rd street northeast (residence/home)

-Hospice death from 300 block tanglewood drive (residence/home)

-Hospice death from 600 block 9th court southwest (residence/home)

-Property damage from 2nd place northwest (highway/street)

-Information only report from 160 block 11th avenue southeast (residence/home)


May 15

-Receiving stolen property from 400 block south colonial drive (highway/street)

-Information only report from 100 block 1st street north (parking lot/garage)

-Theft of property from TJ Maxx (department store)

-Possession of marijuana from US 31 exit 238 (highway/street)

-Information only report from 200 block hillwood drive (residence/home)

-Harassing communications from 200 block summer brook lane (residence/home)

-Information only report from 1000 block eagle drive (residence/home)

-Information only report from Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant)

-Found property from alabaster city shop (highway/street)

-Criminal mischief from 100 block bell circle (residence/home)


May 16

-Animal complaint from 2300 block smokey road (highway/street)

-Found property from 200 block grande view circle (residence/home)


May 17

-Information only report from 0-100 block fox valley lane (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 900 block simmsville road (residence/home)

-Animal complaint from 1000 block 6th court southwest (residence/home)

-Harassment from buttercup circle/simmsville road (residence/home)

-Information only report from 9600 block highway 17 (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 200 block weatherly club drive (residence/home)

-Theft of property from America’s thrift store (department store)

-Breaking and entering a vehicle from south colonial parkway (parking lot/garage)

-Domestic incident from 100 block barkley lane (residence/home)


May 18

-Domestic incident from 100 block spinnaker lane (residence/home)




May 10

-Incident from 1864 14th street (residence/home)


May 11

-Incident from 5100 highway 31 (department store)

-Attempt to commit a controlled substance crime from 8370 highway 31 (drug store)

-Incident from 100 calera eagle drive (school/college)


May 12

-Property damage from 100 supercenter drive (restaurant)

-Counterfeiting from 5100 highway 31 (other)

-Breaking and entering from 317 savannah club drive (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 706 supercenter drive (restaurant)

-Domestic violence from 1725 21st avenue apartment 18 (residence/home)


May 13

-Incident from 10947 highway 25 (bank)

-Found property from 9758 highway 25 (other)

-Criminal mischief from 2100 block 9th street (highway/street)

-Incident from 8039 highway 25 (construction)

-Theft of property from 867 county road 89 7G (residence/home)


May 14

-Duty to remain at the scene of an accident from 3200 block highway 42 (highway/street)

-Property damage from green acres (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 22nd avenue (residence/home)


May 15

-Using false identity to obstruct justice from 100 block the heights drive (highway/street)

-Utility diversion//tampering from 900 block 10th street (highway/street)


May 16

-Attempted suicide from Montevallo (residence/home)



May 9

-Dog biting a person – impoundment from 1800 block of man-o-war drive (residence/home)


May 11

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from 100 block of creekwood lane (residence/home)

-Harassing communications from highway 17 (restaurant)


May 12

-Domestic incident from 8000 block of rockhampton circle (residence/home)


May 13

-Found property from Helena marketplace (supermarket)

-Harassment from 1500 block timber drive (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 300 block of stonecreek circle (residence/home)


May 15

-Possession of marijuana and firearms license required from highway 52 west @ Hillsboro parkway (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 4000 old cahaba parkway (residence/home)

-Duty upon striking an unoccupied vehicle from 100 block of hicks drive (other)

-Domestic incident from N/A (residence/home)


May 16

-Dog complaint from stonecreek circle (residence/home)

-Bail jumping from 500 2nd avenue north (jail/prison)

-Probation violation from highway 52 east (jail/prison)

-Bail jumping from mcdow road (jail/prison)



May 7

-Lost property from 1000 amphitheater road (parking lot/garage)

-Wanted person from alabaster city jail (prison/jail)

-Wanted person from alabaster jail (government building)


May 8

-Theft from 2900 block Pelham parkway (specialty store)

-Wanted person from stonehaven trail and heather lane (residence/home)

-Dead body from 1500 block highway 35 (residence/home)

-Found property from 100 block village drive (parking lot/garage)

-Child abuse from 30 block Philip davis street (other)

-Fraud from 600 block admin drive (other)

-Property damage from 1000 block 1st avenue north (parking lot)

-Civil dispute from highway 33 (highway/road)

-Wanted person from Jefferson county jail Birmingham (jail/prison)

-False reporting from 3600 block highway 11 (highway/road)

-Property damage from 3000 block Pelham parkway (parking lot/garage)

-Person with weapon from 2200 block Pelham parkway (highway/road)


May 9

-Wanted person from 2000 block Huntley parkway (residence/home)

-Property damage from 5000 block whistling drive (commercial)

-Wanted person from Bear creek road & shadywood circle (highway/road)

-Fraud from 2100 block Pelham parkway (department store)

-Civil dispute from 200 block normandy lane (residence/home)

-Property damage from chandalar drive @ chandalar lane (highway/road)

-Leaving scene from Pelham parkway (supermarket)


May 10

-Assault from 300 block cahaba valley road (parking lot/garage)

-Drugs from valleydale road and beabout drive (highway/road)

-Theft from 700 block crosscreek (residence/home)

-Breaking and entering vehicle and theft from 100 block racquet club parkway (parking lot)

-Wanted persons from 600 block admin drive (jail prison)

-Wanted persons from Jefferson county jail (jail/prison)


May 11

-Drugs from 2100 block Pelham parkway (parking lot)

-Agency assist from 600 block admin drive (jail/prison)

-Wanted person from Jefferson county jail (jail/prison)

-Property damage from John Findlay drive (highway/road)

-Harassment from 800 block willow oak drive (school/college)

-Wanted person from highway 26 and camp branch road (highway/road)


May 12

-Unauthorized use vehicle from 300 block Normandy lane (residence/home)

-Property damage from 200 block cahaba valley road (restaurant)

-Stolen property from 9300 block Helena road (commercial)

-Burglary from 200 block brookhollow drive (residence/home)


May 13

-Drugs from green park south (highway/road)

-Drugs and fraud from 2700 block Pelham parkway (parking lot)

-Wanted person from alabaster jail (government building)