Fuller excels in music, academics

By CONNIE NOLEN / For the Reporter

As sincere and humble as she is industrious and determined, Katie Fuller is The Shelby County Reporter’s Senior Standout for Pelham High School. As my former student, Fuller impressed me with high standards for herself and her constant commitment to improve upon her best.

“In addition to being a wonderful musician and student, Katie is also one of the kindest students I’ve ever met,” said PHS senior counselor Laura Cochran. “She is a counseling aide this year and she is wonderful. Katie works well with students, cares about her classmates, is never judgmental, does not participate in gossip and is one of the sweetest students at school.”

PHS senior Katie Fuller poses near her school for this fall–UAB. She is looking pretty comfortable already. (For the Reporter/Connie Nolen)

Fuller admits to being very influenced by her involvement with band. A veteran of several honor bands, she has marched in band competitions and performed on stage too many times to count. Fuller plays the flute and PHS Band Director Justin Ward feels fortunate to have her in the band.

“Katie is really a complete student in that she possesses the talent, work ethic and attitude to accomplish anything,” said Ward. “Her relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for music and education is palpable. She is a positive leader who sets a wonderful example for all of our students.”

“Because of my terrific band experience, I’ve decided to major in music education at UAB,” said Fuller. “Band gave me the opportunity to be part of a team. My closest friends are in the program with me and share my passion for music.”

Fuller sings the praises of the family spirit at PHS.

“Pelham High School is special because the teachers, administration and students have a unique bond. Teachers care about their subject—and each individual student. Our administrators are open to our ideas on making high school a better experience,” said Fuller. “I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be in an amazing band and I’m also thankful to God for giving me such amazing teachers to provide me with numerous opportunities.”

Although Fuller feels blessed, the consensus around PHS is that Katie Fuller is one of our best blessings.