Former Alabama GOP chairman named as Moore campaign chair

MONTGOMERY- Former Alabama State Senator and Alabama Republican Party Chair Bill Armistead announced his intentions to serve as the chairman of the Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign on Tuesday, June 6.


Armistead referred to Moore as a “proven fighter” who intends to support President Donald Trump and help him “drain the swamp,” if elected.

“Judge Moore has stood up for conservative values his whole career, often in the face of so-called bi-partisan parties, and this campaign will be no different,” Armistead said. “The Washington establishment has made it clear that they want to hand-pick the next senator from Alabama, but I have every confidence that voters will stand with Judge Roy Moore on August 15.”

Moore, the former Alabama Chief Justice, said he selected Armistead for his political experience and conservative views.

“As a former chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, Bill will help us engage the real people of Alabama who are frustrated by establishment politics in Washington and want a senator who will be their voice,” Moore said.

According to a press release from the Roy Moore for U.S. Senate Campaign, Armistead’s appointment is one of the first they have made.

Armistead is a resident of Columbiana. He served in the Alabama State Senate from 1995 to 2003, and was the Alabama GOP Chair from 2011 to 2015.