Ambassadors share love for Spain Park with visitors

HOOVER – A positive first impression could help Rebecca Copeland and her family decide whether she will enroll at Spain Park High School for the fall.

Among other important tasks, SPHS Ambassadors ensure Copeland and others like her feel welcome at Spain Park and receive the information they need during summer tours.

The selection process for Ambassadors is demanding. Rising juniors and seniors must attend an interest meeting, submit an application, earn three teacher recommendations, pass a review and participate in interviews with judges, assistant principal Josh Britnell said.

“It’s the best of the best in terms of character, academics, extracurriculars,” Britnell said. “This is something a lot of our students want to be a part of.”

Senior Ambassador Tanya Gupta said the program offers a bonding experience for participants.

“Ambassadors provide a family almost,” Gupta said. “We all come together because of our love for Spain Park.”

And the responsibility does not end after a student is selected, as Ambassadors are held to a high standard and expected to represent the Spain Park even when away from the school, Ambassador Ashton Scott said.

“When we wear this badge, the leadership comes with it,” Scott said.

After they are selected for the program, the Ambassadors’ first opportunities to promote their school are summer tours.

The tours are offered for all new incoming students, whether they be transfers or rising freshmen preparing to attend Spain Park for the first time.

There are usually between 50 and 100 new students each year, Britnell said.

Tours are also offered for students like Copeland who are considering Spain Park among other options.

In this case, the Ambassadors’ job is to sell the prospective students on what Spain Park offers, said Scott, whose approach is to determine through conversation the student’s interests and match them to educational programs and clubs.

“You’re trying to connect someone with a certain part of the school,” Scott said.

Every tour includes information about the school’s layout and resources.

Other responsibilities for Ambassadors include freshmen orientations, graduation ceremonies, open houses and other times visitors are at the school.

Ambassadors also help organize and execute Teacher Appreciation Week events.

“We’re just there for the administration—whatever they need,” Gupta said.

Remaining Spain Park High School summer tour dates are scheduled for 9 a.m. on June 29, July 10, July 17 and Aug. 8; and 1 p.m. on July 12 and July 19.

No registration is needed to visit the school for a tour during the scheduled times.

Ambassadors greet visitors in the school’s main lobby inside the front entrance.