Madison Scouts visit THS marching band

ALABASTER – Members of the Thompson High School marching band learned by watching the Madison Scouts, a world-class competitive junior drum and bugle corps, practice its show at the THS football stadium on Thursday, July 27.

THS band director Jon Bubbett said watching the Madison Scouts served as an example for his students.

“This represents some of the best of the marching arts,” Bubbett said. “This is not about a regular halftime show at a football game. It’s truly about the art through this medium. These are the groups our band tries to emulate. They’re innovative in terms of their music, how they march and their show designs.”

Bubbett said the Madison Scouts are based out of Madison, Wisconsin, but travel throughout the United States to perform and practice at various locations. They are one of the few all-male drum and bugle corps. Their music is comprised of percussion, brass and electronic instruments.

Bubbett credited Sean Womack, founder of Birmingham-based DoubleStop Percussion, for bringing the Madison Scouts to THS.

“He’s a really good friend of mine, and he’s been our percussion instructor for the last 12 years,” Bubbett said. “We knew they were coming to Birmingham, so we invited them to stay at THS.”

Bubbett said most of the Madison Scouts members are not professional musicians. He said simply do it because they love it.

For his students, Bubbett said he hopes that watching the Madison Scouts will inspire students to pursue their dreams as well, whatever they may be.

“We don’t measure our success by how many of our students become music majors in college. This is to open their eyes to the potential of what they could become,” Bubbett said. “Hopefully, it will stir their passions and inspire them to do their best with what they have.”