AG concludes library’s firearms ban legal


HOOVER – A review by the Alabama Attorney General’s office concluded Hoover Public Library’s ban on firearms is legal.

The investigation into Hoover Public Library’s policy was among five cases included in a news release issued on Friday, Aug. 4.

A complaint against Hoover claimed the library’s ban was illegal because the library does not search visitors and there was no physical barrier as required by Alabama Code.

“My office’s investigation confirmed that the city of Hoover prohibits firearms at the Hoover Public Library,” AG Steven T. Marshall wrote in response to the complainant in a letter dated May 24. “I asked the city of Hoover to explain its legal justification for prohibiting firearms at the Hoover Public Library. The city of Hoover reviewed a redacted copy of your petition and the relevant portions of Alabama law. The city of Hoover explained that access to the library is limited during normal hours of operation by the continuous posting of a Hoover Police Department officer, that a security desk is placed near the entrance and that a sign is posted at the entrance to notify the public that firearms are prohibited. These conditions allow the library to prohibit the possession of firearms… Accordingly, I have determined that there is no further action required…”