Police reports for the week of Aug. 9, 2017

Published 3:14 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The following incidents were reported by municipal police departments from July 27 to Aug 2.




July 27

-Domestic incident from Walmart (department store)

-Property damage from I65 S 238 MM (highway)

-Fraudulent use of credit/debit card from Alabaster Police Department (residence/home)

-Theft of property from Best Buy (parking lot)

-Information only report from 200 block Norwick Forest Dr (residence/home)

-Information only report from 1400 block West Navaho Dr (residence/home)

-Property damage from 500 block 12th St NW (residence/home)


July 28

-Death investigation from 1950 Butler Rd (parking lot)

-Leaving scene of accident from Hwy 31 (highway)

-Property damage from 100 block Harvest Way (church)

-Property damage from 1000 block 1st St N (drug store)

-Property damage from Exxon (convenience store)

-Theft of property from 100 block South Colonial Dr (department store)

-Reckless endangerment from Walmart (parking lot)

-Harassment from 1800 block Mohawk Dr (residence/home)


July 29

-Lost property from 100 block White Cap Cir (residence/home)

-Trespassing notice from 300 block 12th St SW (residence/home)

-DUI from 60 block Hwy 87 (highway)

-Theft of lost property from 1200 block 1st St N (restaurant)


July 30

-Trespassing notice from Whataburger (restaurant)

-Information only report from 200 block Ironwood Cir (residence/home)

-Information only report from 7100 block Hwy 119 (residence/home)


July 31

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 100 block Reese Dr (residence/home)

-Theft of property from Target (department store)

-Possession of controlled substance from 10000 block Hwy 119 (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana from 400 block Old Hwy 31 (residence/home)

-Information only report from 1400 block King James Dr (residence/home)


Aug 1

-Harassment from 10 block Maylene Dr (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 10 block Maylene Dr (residence/home)

-Theft of services from 8300 block Hwy 119 (residence/home)

-Information only report from 1800 block Woodbrook Cir (residence/home)

-Information only report from 200 block Fran Dr (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 90 block Winterhaven Dr (residence/home)


Aug 2

-Theft of property from 2100 block Butler Rd (other)




July 26

-Violation of domestic violence protection order from 447 Camden Cove Cir

-Additional information from 5100 Hwy 31

-Theft of property from 176 Island Creek Dr

-Incident from 1009 Garnet Dr

-Agency assist from 1009 Garnet Dr

-Failure to appear from 10947 Hwy 25

-Burglary from 100 Enclave Ave


July 27

-Additional information from 35 Dogwood Dr

-Additional information from 1009 Garnet Dr

-Domestic violence harassment from 735 Kensington Manor Dr

-Failure to appear from 11731 Hwy 25

-DUI – alcohol from I65 NB @ 234 MM

-Incident from 2035 Village Ln


July 28

-Domestic incident from 75 Overhill Rd

-Found property from 5133 Hwy 31

-Incident from 200 block Weather Vane Rd

-Burglary from 1124 Village Tr

-Domestic incident from 241 Shiloh Creek Dr

-Failure to appear from 201 1st St N


July 29

-DUI –alcohol from Hwy 31 @ North Industrial

-DUI from I65

-Criminal trespass from 5087 Hwy 31

-Counterfeiting from 5000 block Hwy 70

-Criminal mischief from Lot 40 Ridgecrest Rd

-Agency assist from 10947 Hwy 25


July 30

-Incident from 1865 18th St

-Possession of brass knuckles from Hwy 25

-Domestic violence-strangulation from 468 Daventry Cir

-Possession of controlled substance from 468 Daventry Cir

-Dog bite from 157 Linda Ln

-Property damage from 730 George Roy Pkwy


July 31

-DUI – alcohol from I65 SB

-Property damage from Hwy 31

-Animal at large from 540 Castleberry Ln



-Criminal trespass from 169 Addison Dr

-Theft of property from 5100 Hwy 31

-Additional information from 189 Stonecreek Pl

-Menacing from 10380 Hwy 25

-Failure to appear from 525 25th St South

-Failure to appear from 10947 Hwy 25

-Forgery from 10947 Hwy 25

-Failure to appear from 10947 Hwy 25


Aug 2

-Criminal mischief from 121 E Supercenter

-Incident from 1603 CO RD 201

-Public intoxication from 5100 Hwy 31

-Domestic incident from 5100 Hwy 31

-Incident from Hwy 31



July 26

-Cruelty to animals from Cox Cove (other)


July 27

-DUI – alcohol from Hwy 261 at Cunningham Dr (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 1st Ave W (residence/home)

-Bail jumping from Clint Hill Rd (other)


July 28

-Possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana from Helena Rd (parking lot/garage)

-Probation violation from 1st Street North (jail/prison)

-Criminal littering from Hwy 95 (field/woods)


July 29

-Domestic incident from 100 block Chadwick Dr (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana from Hwy 93 near Hwy 52 (highway/street)

-Possession of concealed weapon without permit and DUI – alcohol from Hwy 95 and Woodvale Dr (highway/street)

-Damage to property from Hwy 17 (other)


July 30

-Domestic incident from Townhouse Rd (convenience store)

-DUI – alcohol from Coalmont Rd @ Adams St (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 5000 block Rye Circle (residence/home)


July 31

-Domestic incident from 1700 block Native Dancer Dr (residence/home)




July 21

-Domestic violence from Hwy 219 (residence/home)

-Menacing from Hwy 25 (parking lot)

-Theft of property from Island St (parking lot)


July 22

-Domestic incident from Overland Rd (residence/home)


July 23

-Death investigation from Pineview Rd (residence/home)

-Minor consume alcohol from Shelby St @ Woodgrain Distribution (highway/street)


July 24

-Information only from Hicks St (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from Overland Rd (residence/home)

-Theft of lost property from Unknown (other)


July 25

-Theft of property from Hicks St (residence/home)

-Using false identity to obstruct justice from Main St @ Regions Bank (street)


July 26

-Information only from King St (residence/home)


July 27

-Possession of a forged instrument from Hwy 25 (gas station)

-Theft of property from Cambridge Cir (residence/home)


July 28

-Domestic violence from Buckingham Cir (residence/home)


July 29

-Burglary and assault from Heritage Trace Pkwy (residence/home)


July 30

-Breaking and entering vehicle from Overland Rd (parking lot)


July 31

-Possession of controlled substance from Orr park (other)

-Criminal mischief from Hidden Forest Ln (construction)


Aug 1

-Property damage from Hwy 25 (parking lot)


Aug 2

-Found property from Vine St/ Main St (street)





July 23

-Theft from 2700 block Pelham Pkwy (storage)

-Wanted person from 1000 block Montgomery Hwy (jail)

-Civil dispute from 100 block Green Park South (residence/home)


July 24

-Drugs from I65 N (highway)

-Wanted person from 300 block McDow St (jail)

-Wanted person from 600 block Admin Dr (jail)

-Theft from 200 block Laurel Cir (residence/home)

-Theft from 100 block Stratshire Ln (residence/home)

-Property damage from 60 block Drivers Way (restaurant)

-Wanted person from 30 block Philip Davis St (govt bldg.)


July 25

-Wanted person from 600 block Vine St (highway/road)

-Theft from 3000 block Pelham Pkwy (grocery)

-Wanted persons from 600 block Admin Dr (jail)

-Theft from 3100 block Pelham Pkwy (specialty store)


July 26

-Wanted persons from 2000 block Valleydale Rd (jail)

-Property damage from 3100 block Pelham Pkwy (road)

-Property damage from Frontage Rd (road)

-Wanted person from 22700 block Hwy 25 (jail)

-Public intoxication from I65 S (highway)

-Theft from 30 block Philip Davis St (residence/home)

-Stolen property received from I65 S Exit 246 (highway)


July 27

-Wanted person from 600 block Admin Dr (govt bldg.)

-Wanted person from 2000 block Valleydale Rd (jail)

-Overdose from Kristen Cir (residence/home)

-Theft from 2200 block Pelham Pkwy (department store)

-Theft from 2100 block Pelham Pkwy (department store_


July 28

-Drugs from I65 S exit 246 (highway)

-Fraud from 100 block Canyon Pl (other)

-Stolen property received from 2200 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Civil dispute from 600 block Admin Dr (residence/home)

-Dead body from 3600 block Staff Housing Rd (field/woods)

-Fraud from 600 block Admin Dr (convenience store)

-Theft from 2100 block Pelham Pkwy (department store)

-Wanted person from 1800 block 29th Ave South (govt bldg.)


July 29

-Domestic violence from Jonathan Mhp (residence/home)

-Drugs from 3100 bock Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Drugs from 500 block Cahaba Valley Rd (restaurant)

-Wanted person from 600 block Admin Dr (jail)

-Property damage from Cahaba Valley Rd (road)