PPD responds to lane closure, wreck on I-65 North, South

PELHAM – The Pelham Police Department responded to two separate incidents in both the northbound and southbound lanes on the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 19. According to a post on the PPD’s Facebook page, the two incidents were responsible for slow traffic on I-65 in Pelham.

The PPD reported that an 18-wheeler broke down near mile marker 243 on I-65 south. The center lane had been blocked for a period of time, but is currently open.

PPD officers also responded to a wreck on I-65 north around mile marker 246.

Ainsley Allison, PPD Community Relations Coordinator, said the incidents were likely caused by a combination of rush hour traffic and heavy rain in the area. Allison said no injuries or fatalities have been reported from either incident.

The PPD urged motorists to expect delays and drive cautiously on I-65.

“We encourage everyone to take it slow when there’s heavy rain during rush hour,” Allison said.