Davis is a ‘Designing Woman’

By RENE’ DAY / Community Columnist

That season of counting your blessings and bringing tidings of great joy is coming quickly. If you are planning to host family and friends this year, you might just be a little nervous about how things look on the home front. Never fear, though, a little heavenly help is available in Shelby County – and Angel is her name.

Interior designer and Pelham resident Angel Davis is heaven-sent to those with decorating dilemmas. (Contributed)

Pelham resident Angel Davis has been working miracles in homes for over a decade. What began as a fascination with her mother’s red foyer has blossomed into a career that provides the perfect counterweight to her private life as a wife and mother. After graduating from high school, Angel pursued a degree in interior design from the University of Montevallo. She began working with an architect while still a student in 2006. After her 2007 graduation, Angel worked with the architect until she began a full-time role as “mom” in 2013. She explains that her desire was to be home while her children were babies and toddlers. Deftly balancing family and career by doing freelance work during that time allowed her to remain in the field. Angel loves people, and since developing relationships is the part of the job she enjoys most, she didn’t want to give up designing. In fact, she still enjoys working with customers in that role.

These days you can find her making her magic in Highway 280’s Meadowbrook area. She began working full-time with the J. Wright Building Company in June. Juggling the demands of home and work keep her busy and on her toes, but she thoroughly enjoys helping her customers turn their houses into homes. Angel’s favorite thing about the design process is space planning to ensure that rooms flow together in a way that fits her client’s needs. Her skill at using three-dimensional Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) makes this process painless for all involved.

“Many people find it hard to visualize what the end product will look like. CAD allows them to get a better idea prior to completion,” she says. Her love of and expertise with color, whether expressed in fabric or paint, is evident in her one-of-a-kind rooms. And speaking of one-of-a-kind, her woodworker husband, William, often contributes his handmade tables and benches. They provide a unique touch to the dining rooms, kitchens and conference rooms designed by Angel.

When asked about her favorite project, Angel laughs and says, “That’s a little like asking someone to pick a favorite child. I love them all for different reasons.”

For Angel, each new project poses a different set of challenges because each client has unique tastes and needs. She loves using her talents to fulfill their expectations and gets most excited as everything comes together beautifully.

Certainly, people want their homes looking the best during the holidays. If you are a bit stressed about an upcoming design project, reach out for some heavenly assistance. Angel may be contacted at angel@jwrightbuildingcompany.com.