PHS communication students volunteer

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

Posting volunteer opportunities with Bulls Hockey quickly drew insightful questions from Pelham High School students who rallied their friends to assist. Students have been an invaluable resource while enjoying the opportunity to work alongside city officials and members of the Bulls organization.

Initially, students worked in the stands—which they hardly recognized. Navigating the vastly increased seating, discovering through the new arcade tunnel with concessions and locating the new restrooms above the seating on the opposite site of the main arena enabled students to direct fans to these recently added accommodations when they weren’t holding up their signs reading, “Please stop while puck is in play.”

Students worked both in the stands and at the entrance scanning tickets and reminding patrons to trash beverages before leaving. Student comments about their experiences were delightful.

“My experience was thrilling, because I was with my school friends and able to assist the public,” senior Olivia Tae said.

“Watching the teamwork of the staff and experiencing everyone’s energy was inspiring,” said junior Lupita Aguilar. “In 30 years I’ll look back on my high school days and remember the fun we had.”

“Volunteering with the Bulls was very enjoyable,” said senior Nathaniel Padgett. “The staff was very professional. I would love to volunteer again.”

“While I grew up ice skating, never have I seen such infectious spirit here. The city leaders and staff were great, the Bulls mascot himself made me grin, and the crowd’s enthusiasm and community comradery make me definitely want to volunteer again,” said sophomore Madison Lewis.

“Volunteering with the Bulls was amazing,” said senior Guadalupe Valtierra, who was complimented by city leader leaders for her “professionalism and pleasant demeanor with the public.”

Welcoming newcomers to their city, while enhancing their communication skills, provided PHS Communication and Media Arts Academy students with valuable community interaction, insightful learning experiences and an excellent opportunity to volunteer. Obviously, students hope to assist the Bulls and the City of Pelham frequently. They also plan to create a Bulls-like sign for Write Night that reads, “Please stop while poetry is in play.”