Allison Boyd announces probate judge candidacy

Former Shelby County Probate Court Mental Health Services Coordinator and Legal Counsel Allison Boyd recently announced her candidacy to run for Shelby County Probate Judge. Boyd is running as a Republican. The primary election for the office of probate judge will be held on June 5.


“Running for office isn’t just about a job. It isn’t something I am trying to check off a list or accomplish as a career goal. Serving as probate judge is a calling that I am passionate about,” Boyd write in a press release. “This venue will allow me to best use my talents to serve the citizens of Shelby County and make it a better place for my family and yours.”

Boyd said she has an extensive amount of experience with the local probate court, as well as in the overall Shelby County community.

“The office of probate judge is one where you wear many hats,” Boyd said. “Putting all of these things together is a really good fit for me.”

As the mental health services coordinator, Boyd said she helped the probate court progress by helping in the development and implementation of the couty’s mental health programs.

“I want to maintain many of the programs we already have,” Boyd said.

She said she has previously worked as an attorney, as an assistant district attorney with the Shelby County DA’s office and has given multiple presentations to local schools, organizations and offices.

“The well-rounded experience that I have, actually having experience in the office, is what sets me apart,” Boyd said. “I think I’m the right choice for the future of Shelby County.”

Boyd also received an endorsement from current Shelby County Probate Judge Jim Fuhrmeister, who said he based his recommendation off of his past experience working with Boyd.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the past two years,” Fuhrmeister said. “She has all of the qualities that a judge needs to have, and she has a vision for the future of our county.”

For more information about Boyd’s campaign, visit the “Allison Boyd for Probate Judge” Facebook page, or go to