Stella Tipton contending for probate judge office

Local attorney Stella Tipton is running for the office of Shelby County Probate Judge in the primary election on June 5. Tipton qualified to run with the Shelby County Republican Party in February.


Tipton said she has 32 years of legal experience, and has been a 37-year resident of Shelby County.

“I have handled nearly every area that touches the probate court,” Tipton said. “The probate court is a unique court. The judge wears many hats.”

In addition to working with the county, Tipton said she has worked with probate courts in Mobile, Tallapoosa and Jefferson Counties. If elected, Tipton said she plans to look to the Mobile County Probate Court as a model.

Tipton said she is excited to be able to run in the first county election that requires probate judge candidate to be a licensed attorney in the state of Alabama.

“One benefit of this change is that it should save on the probate court’s budget as decisions will now be made with the judge’s legal expertise rather than having to employ outside legal counsel,” read a press release from Tipton’s campaign.

Tipton said she disagrees with the probate court’s recent decision to add electronic voting equipment and to change local polling places may compromise the integrity of the upcoming elections.

“This is just not the time to implement a new system,” Tipton said. “These things should be done well in advance.”

Instead, she proposed that the probate court should establish a commission of local voters to provide input on decisions made on the voting process.

Tipton also said she does not believe the Shelby County Probate Court should place a focus on mental health.

“They are not in the business of mental health,” Tipton said. “The circuit court is where the mental health court lies.”

Tipton said she understands the important role that the Shelby County Probate Court plays in the lives of Shelby County residents.

“I want the probate court to be easily accessible and protect every citizen’s rights,” Tipton said. “I want to be a public servant for the people.”

For more information about Tipton’s campaign, the “Stella Tipton for Probate Judge” Facebook page or