Arrests for the week of April 11, 2018

The following individuals were arrested and charged by municipal police departments from March 29-




March 28

-Cynthia Gentry Green, 58, Alabaster, harassment or harassing communications.

-Michael Slayton, 51, Alabaster, possession of marijuana second degree.

-Anthony Reginald Graff, 24, Centreville, driving on the wrong side of the road.

-Charles Ray Warner, 21, Pell City, failure to comply with court orders.


March 29

-Joshua Scott Wright, 29, Alabaster, public intoxication.

-Dulce Salazar, 31, Pinson, two counts of alias writ of arrest.


March 30

-Courtney Alayne White, 23, Elrod, two counts of alias writ of arrest.

-Ashley Dawn Griffin, 33, Helena, four counts of alias writ of arrest.

-Joseph Michael Guzik Jr., 35, Shelby, failure to appear and three counts of capias.


March 31

-Jonteris Lee McCarter, 20, Alabaster, three counts of alias writ of arrest.

-Destiny Michelle Tate, 25, Montevallo, giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

-Brandy Michelle Godsey, 37, Maylene, illegal possession of prescription drugs.


April 1

-Juan Luis Cazquez-Castaneda, 21, Alabaster, driving under the influence of alcohol.


April 2

-Bianca Jereth Cruz Alaniz, 19, Alabaster, violation of leash law

-Adrian Rachel Sims, 31, Montevallo, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Timothy W. Gilreath, 38, Calera, possession of drug paraphernalia.


April 3

-Jesslyn Marie Johnson, 28, Maylene, domestic violence third degree.

-Alexandro Venegas Mendoza, 21, Montevallo, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Michael C. Birmingham, 48, Calera, theft of property fourth degree.

-Kevin Bradly Gray, 33, Alabaster, failure to appear




March 29

-Erica Sophelia King, 33, Calera, alias writ of arrest.

-Richard Lewis Nelms, 38, Montevallo, possession of marijuana II.

-Patrick Dannell Waller, 39, Selma, alias writ of arrest.


March 31

-Miguel Angel Hernandez, driving under the influence of alcohol.


April 1

-Francisco Javier Flores, driving under the influence of alcohol.


April 2

-Anthony Don Hyde, alias writ of arrest.


April 3

-Timothy Oneal Lilly, alias writ of arrest.

-Kevin Bradly Gray, alias writ of arrest.

-Jim Bob Watley, alias writ of arrest.




March 25

-Justin Renard Davis, 27, Birmingham, strangulation or suffocation.

-Shanince Adrianna Johnson, 22, Pelham, domestic violence III.

-Andrea Marie Dorsey, 35, Birmingham, alias warrant.


March 26

-Lucretia Ann Patterson, 39, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Keonda Lanese Sager, 31, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Dexter Jordan Brown, 21, Hoover, alias warrant.

-Robert Curtis Minnifield, 55, Birmingham, alias warrant.


March 27

-Benjamin Osborne, 61, Lowendesboro, driving under the influence and ignition interlock violation.


March 28

-Dannie Tate, 45, Hazel Green, escape-fugitive from justice.

-Latonya Glendora Booker, 37, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Caleb Isai Andrade, 20, Alabaster, diving while suspended.

-Adrian Lamar Smith, 36, Birmingham, driving under the influence.

-Rodragus Valente Woods, 26, Adamsville, alias warrant.


March 30

-Steven Emmet Yancey, 25, Pelham, unlawful possession of certain chemical, possession of drug paraphernalia, carrying a pistol without a license.

-Pete Gonzales Martinez, 39, Verbenea, alias warrant.

-Deonta Tondell Frazier, 38, Birmingham, alias warrant.


March 31

-Sandra Vedros Ragas, 44, Foley, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-William Lamar Morgan, 53, Homeoowd, alias warrant.

-Cameron Gregory Lee, 21, Pelham, alias warrant.

-Scott Bradley Hollon, 40, Birmingham, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Laderrius Travon Hollis, 30, Tuscaloosa, alias warrant.