Arrests for the week of May 23, 2018

The following individuals were arrested and charged by municipal police departments from May 9-14




May 9

-Kellie Marie Parton, 34, Maylene, illegal possession of a credit or debit card.

-Christopher Allen Arrington Jr., 52, Atlanta, three counts of failure to appear.

-Nicholas William duke, 27, Birmingham, failure to appear.

-Keith Alan Smith, 57, Calera, failure to appear in court and three counts of driving while license revoked.

-Dennis Bernard Williams, 50, Birmingham, two counts of failure to appear.


May 11

-Katherine Standifer Morning, 57, Helena, alias writ of arrest.

-Joshua Scott Wright, 29, Alabaster, failure to appear and possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Jennifer Leigh Vines Hill, 38, Hoover, under the influence of a controlled substance, attempting to elude police, driving while suspended and operating a vehicle without insurance.

-Elizabeth Alexandra Hall, 28, Chelsea, alias writ of arrest.


May 12

-Corey Dalton Thomas, 25, Helena, driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Lee Ann Brand, 39, Jemison, two counts of failure to comply with court order, seat belt violation and failure to appear.

-Joshua Shane Dennis, 28, Calera, domestic violence third degree.

-William Jermaine Hill, 41, Alabaster, alias writ of arrest and using a false identity to obstruct justice.

-Mark Daniel Davis, 41, Helena, alias writ of arrest.

-Paul L. Etheredge, 42, Lincoln, alis writ of arrest.


May 13

-Courtney Antonio Riley, 25, Birmingham, driving with a suspended license and speeding.

-Jacob William Carskaddon, 34, Helena, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting arrest and menacing.


May 14

-Leo Joseph Moncrief, 41, Birmingham, two counts of failure to comply with court order and two counts of capias.

-Nicholas Arlin Henry, 19, Clanton, theft of property fourth degree.

-Tanisha Lachelle Kirkland, 21, Alabaster, theft of property fourth degree.

-Daniel Hernandez Jimenez, 19, Birmingham, possession of marijuana second degree, unlawful possession of a concealed weapon and receiving stolen property fourth degree.


May 7

-Manley Green Davis, agency assist.


May 12

-Gabriel Don Juan Moreno, carrying concealed weapon.


May 6

-Jamal Harrison Mitchell, 23, Birmingham, driving under the influence.

-Melanie Barnes Hand, 56, Pelham, alias warrant.

-Emily Rochelle McNeil, 25, Huntsville, alias warrant.

-Efrain Cocom Ciau, 28, Pell city, Driving under the influence.

-Gorden Austin Boyd, 53, Pelham, domestic violence III.

-Justino Sanchez Sevillo, 23, Birmingham, driving under the influence of alcohol.


May 7

-Dante Jovan Johnson, 30, Montgomery, alias warrant.

-Miguel Angel Huezo Benavidas, 46, Hoover, alias warrant.

-Bano Rizvi, 37, Alabaster, alias warrant

-Michael Embry Snyder, 56, Vincent, driving under the influence.

-Jonathan Pierce, 21, Birmingham, alias warrant.


May 8

-Kelvin Jamal Flenord, 27, Pelham, driving influence.

-Angel Michelle Morgan, 28, Pelham, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

-Cedrick Tyrone Youngblood, 48, Columbiana, alias warrant.


May 9

-Joseph Brian Stokes, 39, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Melvin Douglas Moore, 58, Bessemer, alias warrant.

-Bradley Raymond Phillips, 39, Shelby, unlawful possession of marijuana II.


May 10

-Ashlai Monique Parker, 33, Birmingham, window tint.

-Lee Allen Abts, 27, Homewood, alias warrant.

-Joseph Emanuel Warren, 63, Pinson, foreign felony arrest.

-Amy Rebekah Johnson, 19, Birmingham, unlawful possession of marijuana II.

-William Christopher Corbin, 33, Pelham, driving under the influence.


May 11

-Katherine Standifier Morning, 57, alias warrant.

-Jonathan Lane Lyddan, 43, Montgomery, alias warrant.

-Demarcus Nadir McMullin, 24, Pinson, alias warrant.


May 12

-Krystal Gail Higgins, 35, McCalla, unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

-Mark Daniel Davis, 41, Helene, alias warrant.

-Sean Michael Fant, 22, Chelsea, driving under the influence.