County manager updates Commission on courthouse project

COLUMBIANA – The Shelby County Commission recently received updates on an expansion project for the Shelby County Courthouse and debris clean-up efforts following recent storms.

County Manager Alex Dudchock told the Commission at its meeting on Monday, June 11, that eight bidders attended a pre-bid meeting, which was mandatory for any company wishing to bid on the project.

Improvements to the Shelby Count Courthouse will include the addition of two new courtrooms and changes to make the facility more user-friendly for residents, judges and court staff.

Shelby County Engineer Randy Cole later told the Commission that workers were close to completing all clean-up of debris following recent storms.

“We think we’ve about got that under control,” said Cole, who had earlier told the Commission that the downed trees and other debris were the worst his department had seen since the tornadoes of 2011.

Cole encouraged the Commissioners to notify him if they heard from constituents about any debris missed by the county crews.

  • Approved the appointment of Allison Boyd to the Chilton-Shelby Mental Health Board.
  • Authorized County Manager Alex Dudchock and Community Services Manager Reggie Holloway to submit application and administrate the Emergency Shelter Grant Program on behalf of Shelby County. SafeHouse Inc., in conjunction with Family Connection Inc. and Shelby Emergency Assistance Inc., will be involved with the submittal of a combined application for use of the funds to prevent homelessness, re-house homeless people, help meet operating costs and provide essential services to both sheltered and unsheltered homeless people. The Shelby County Commission will take responsibility for ensuring that the grant match will be provided for the drawdown of Emergency Solutions Grant funds.
  • Awarded bids for juvenile detention uniform items to the lowest overall bidder, Uniform Manufacturing Inc.; and for hydrogen peroxide to the lowest responsive bidder, Brenntag Midsouth Inc.