The Royal Market opens in Helena

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, April 4, 2019

By LAURA BROOKHART / Community Columnist

Longtime Helena resident Lacy Cost recently opened her third consignment boutique, The Royal Market, in Helena.

The eclectic and changing variety of merchandise is bringing faces in on a regular, sometimes twice-daily visit.

“We are open on Monday, unlike most other Old Town shops,” she said. “The hairdressers around this area love that!”

Cost and her husband, Al, also appreciate the help of their eight teenage children in the store. After shopping, you may receive assistance at checkout or carrying your purchases to your car by Matthew Cost, Ashlyn Persich, Seth Lovvorn, Jacob and Hannah Cost, or Skylar, Luke and Elijah Lovvorn.

Al and Lacy travel frequently to buy the contents of storage units in surrounding states.

“Eleven years ago when we opened our Alabaster location, we planned to concentrate on furniture and accessories, but we quickly added clothing for all ages.”

The new location at 4093 Helena Road offers many trendy and stylish tops and dresses and a rack of embellished jeans for women as well as selections for men and children. Dressing rooms are available.

Lately, The Royal Market has displayed a great selection of boots and that item dear to every woman’s heart: purses, new or perhaps gently used.

The Royal Market has an assortment of prints and wall art from botanicals to modern canvases, plus statuary, vases and urns, assorted lamp styles and mirrors.

For those who can never pass up adding their favorite collectible, be it elephant, owl, cow, hen, rooster or duck, they will find the full menagerie represented. Let’s also mention books and Legos.

Items for sale are posted on Pelham/Helena Online Yard Sale. For more information, call The Royal Market at (205) 335-7552.