Lowery brings stories to life

By Connie Nolen / Community columnist

“The main crossroads in my story took shape when we went to a small town family wedding,” Betsy Lowery said. “We stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast, the weather was nice and we were able to walk and explore.”

Betsy Lowery published her first book, “Pause: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Women” when our eldest daughters were on the Pelham High School Pantherettes Dance Team together. The hectic pace of our lives as working mothers of high school and college kids brought us together often then—and separated us as our kids moved on to different colleges.

Lowery’s first book is the practical devotional that the title indicates. After growing up as a minister’s daughter, many years of working in church offices and a life devoted to spiritual pursuits, Lowery’s recent books are categorized as Religious Fiction. Unsurprisingly, these two books, “A Stranger’s Promise,” and “No Doubt It’s Love” are also Realistic Fiction revealing that Betsy Lowery’s religious life permeates her real life.

Lowery’s recent publication of two books simultaneously and her upcoming June 1 author event at Pelham Public Library led us to reconnect. Listening to Betsy discuss her writing is fascinating.

“I discovered that publishing nonfiction and fiction are very different,” Lowery confided. We discussed the perils of publishing; however, Lowery’s recollections of writing her books made for more fascinating conversation.

“The idea of premarital counseling was foreign to me,” Lowery said. “So having my characters go through pre-marital counseling was interesting. Was premarital counseling before our time?”

“Jerry and I actually had premarital counseling,” I told Lowery, sharing that the sessions were required by the church where we married and probably saved us several headaches in our early marriage.

“Well, for my characters, that premarital counseling actually brought some issues to light,” said Lowery. “Of course, you’ll have to read the book to see if those issues are resolved.”

To enjoy more intrigue surrounding her books, find Lowery on Instagram @hiyabets and on Facebook at Books by Betsy Lowery and meet her on June 1 at Pelham Public Library.