Helena Intermediate School fundraiser brings in more than $26,000

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA – At Helena Intermediate School, change was a good thing the week of Sept. 9, in this case referring to the monetary meaning of the word.

Students, teachers and parents will see future improvements to the school thanks to the large participation in the annual coin drop fundraiser, that raised an eye-popping $26,914.34.

The five-day coin drop fundraiser event helped raise funds for classroom supplies and technology as the majority of the money raised went directly back to the school.

The coin drop fundraiser is one of the largest fundraisers of the year for HIS, as students are encouraged to collect pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar bills for the coin drop as each day has a different theme.

The goal for 2019 was to raise $25,000 and the classrooms that brought the most money each day received a variety of prizes.

The following were the themes for each day of the coin drop fundraiser:

–Monday, Sept. 9, was deemed “PJs for pennies” as students were encouraged to wear their pajamas and bring in as many pennies as possible. The top classes in each grade enjoyed a snack of milk and cookies provided by Helena McDonald’s.

–Tuesday, Sept. 10, was a “neon for nickels” theme as students were encouraged to wear their brightest clothes and bring in as many nickels as possible. Top classes in each grade won popcorn and a glow dance party.

–Wednesday, Sept. 11, featured a “democracy for dimes” theme where students were encouraged to dress patriotic and bring in dimes. The top classes in each grade enjoyed ice cream from Mountain Brook Creamery.

–Thursday, Sept. 12, featured a “quarterbacks for quarters” theme as students dressed to support their favorite team and brought in as many quarters as possible. The top classrooms in each grade won a pizza party from Mayer Insurance in Helena.

–Lastly, on Friday, Sept. 13, the theme was “barking for bucks” as students were encouraged to wear Huskies gear and bring in bills or checks. The top classes in each grade won cookie cakes.

Classes competed on a day-to-day basis against other classes in their grade level to be the overall top class in the school each day and at the end of the week.

The overall top class for the week was Mrs. Capri’s class who will receive a free field trip to Top It Off for frozen yogurt.

Since the school reached their goal of $25,000, the Helena Intermediate School principals and coaches will kiss a pig on Sept. 25, as a funny way of appreciation for the donations.

In years past, the fundraiser has helped the school build a new track and install two new basketball goals, purchase several Chromebooks and audio equipment and more.