Post 555 conducts flag replacement at School for Amazing Kids


HELENA – The School for Amazing Kids in Helena is flying a brand new American flag thanks to the help of the American Legion Matthew Blount Post 555 based in Pelham.

Approximately 40 kindergarten kids and School for Amazing Kids staff and Legion members gathered around the flagpole the morning of Monday, Feb. 3, to witness a special flag replacement ceremony.

Members of the American Legion Post 555 Flag team lowered the worn American flag to the playing of the bugle calls “Retreat” and “To The Colors,” and then raised the new American flag to “Reveille” and afterward saluted the flag during the playing of the National Anthem. Two students were also invited to lead the Pledge of the Allegiance.

“We appreciate individuals, schools and businesses for flying the American flag,” Post 555 Commander Kenneth Paschal said. “We have a team of veteran volunteers that enjoy promoting patriotism within our community. We can conduct a short 7-10 minute formal ceremony, implement a short education program for kids, or just come out and replace the requestor flag with 1-2 people. Our goal is to meet the needs of the requestor.”

The point of the ceremony was to replace the original torn and tattered flag at School for Amazing Kids with a new flag, thanks to the flag replacement program through the American Legion Post 555.

The American Legion Matthew Blount Post 555 Flag Replacement Program exists to allow Post members, friends, neighbors, local schools and businesses that choose to display the U.S. Flag the opportunity to purchase their flags from The American Legion through Post 555.

When a school or business contacts Post 555 to conduct a flag replacement ceremony, the post will provide the requestor the appropriate sized American made flag.

Every flag that is purchased from the Post is proudly made in the U.S.A. Every flag purchased directly supports programs that give help to America’s youth, veterans and military families.

Post 555 does request that a requestor for a new flag make a donation to the post to at least cover the cost of the selected flag provided.

For more information about the American Legion Flag Reward Program, contact the Legion at or the flag team coordinator Shuana Hadley at