Easter: A little different in 2020

By BECKY J. BEALL | Community Columnist

Easter. April 12, 2020. This year things might look a little different.

Big families with large gatherings, copious amounts of food, special church services and, of course, egg hunts—this is Easter for most folks. There is a little time between now and April 12th, but the pandemic scare of COVID-19 will likely make Easter 2020 a different type of celebration just as it has infringed on many other parts of life.

For most Christians, Easter is a time to recount and commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Worshipping together on Easter Sunday is a huge cornerstone for congregations that often includes after-service meals, activities for the kiddos and such. Much like schools closing early and many people working from home, there will likely be concessions made for these community-wide events this April.

Those looking for ideas to suffice in this season of celebration might find inspiration below.

  • Kids love annual Easter Egg Hunts from community-driven to church groups, daycares and civic groups. If you have one child or 10, you can spark fun by holding it in your own yard. Want to really wow your kiddos? Hide plastic eggs with little prizes inside (depending on the ages of the children, choose items like coins, stickers, wrapped candy and the like) and announce the hunt spontaneously. Kids adore surprises!
  • How many families have gotten away from dyeing eggs together? Do it! If it’s already a tradition in your household, think about changing it up. Instead of kits, try Kool-Aid to dye eggs (one package dissolved in one cup warm water).
  • Bake treats together, decorate them and make crafts that bring joy and smiles. Pinterest is bursting with ideas.
  • Online worship services are popping up everywhere, maybe your congregation has one. Plug in and enjoy Easter celebrations and sermons from the comfort of your own home.
  • Worried about not having “stuff” for Easter baskets for your children? Order NOW for delivery from places like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart or Target.

Here’s hoping this season of panic, worry and fear are quickly replaced with hope, grace and love. Happy Easter!