Spread a cheerful message to someone new

Published 10:25 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2020


While the death of George Floyd didn’t happen in Shelby County and while protesting hasn’t yet hit the area, it doesn’t mean we aren’t all feeling what is happening across the country right now.

Amid a battle against COVID-19, a more important battle has broken out that none of us can, nor should ignore.

As we watch or participate in protests around the country, scroll through social media to read the latest thoughts of others or watch and read the news, we become more divisive by the second.

Why are we letting that happen?

The reason is honestly quite simple—it’s easy.

It’s easy to watch and either agree or disagree with protesting and riots. It’s easy to scroll through Twitter or Facebook and see something that gets your blood boiling then reply to somebody with hurtful words of disagreement. It’s easy to watch the news and let your anger fuel a step further.

But why are we letting ease win right now? Why aren’t we challenging the way we think? That’s how we become better people.

Why is it hard to just be nice; or as the timeless saying goes, why can’t we either say something nice or say nothing at all?

There. Pause for just a second right there.

Now, open your mind and think. What would this country, or better yet this world be like if we respected one another just a little bit more? If you found a way to relay a positive message to somebody? Or most important, if you found a way to just be a little nicer?

We’re never going to be in agreement with everybody. That’s virtually impossible. But we don’t have to agree with someone to respect someone.

Too often, the sight of respect is lost.

One of the first things we learn in life is to be polite and respect others, so why is that so difficult as an adult?

Grow up. It’s that simple.

We shouldn’t still be fighting about race in 2020, we shouldn’t let political parties divide us so much that we hate one side or another as much as many do, and most importantly, we shouldn’t have hatred in our heart.

It’s amazing what a simple “Hey, how are you today?” or better yet an “I love you and respect you” will do for someone.

Greed, power and thinking for others seem to be our biggest weakness in life.

How will you give a piece of that greed to someone else? How will you lend your power to someone who needs it more? And how will you let your voice become equal to someone else’s?

It starts by challenging you viewpoints and opening your mind to something bigger than yourself.