Planning commission to hear rezoning request for land in Helena tonight

Published 1:01 pm Monday, September 21, 2020

By NATHAN HOWELL | Special to the Reporter 

HELENA — The Shelby County Planning Commission is set to hear a rezoning request from a developer looking to build on a lot at the corner of Highways 52 and 93 outside of Helena to construct a gas station.

The meeting is scheduled to be held Sept. 21 at the Pelham Civic Complex, where members of the Planning Commission will hear from the developer, Royal Investment Group on behalf of Westwinds Holdings LLC, as they request for the land to be reclassified from O-1(2), to B-1.

The current classification allows the property to be used for light industrial purposes such as office parks and other businesses.

According to the Shelby County Planning Commission’s zoning regulations the B-1 classification designates an area as part of a “Neighborhood Business District.”

This section reads, “Service station; except, no pump shall be located within 75 feet of a dwelling district, nor any portion of a structure within 30 feet of a dwelling district.”

According to the commissions agenda this rezoning would affect “approximately 17 acres for development of a gas station/convenience store retail on a portion of the property, reserving the remainder for future development.”

As the area is highly trafficked by residents of many of the surrounding cities, including Helena, Pelham and Bessemer the addition of a new business along a busy road will be of great importance to many citizens of these areas.