Alabaster hosts annual Fall Festival

Published 3:26 pm Friday, November 6, 2020

By DONNAMY STEELE | Special to the Reporter

ALABASTER – The city of Alabaster held their annual Fall Fest last Saturday. The Fall Fest was located on Buck Creek Trail and featured an array of vendors and entertainment. Parks Director Tim Hamm said the event had a great turnout despite COVID-19 regulations.

Hamm said the event was a great opportunity to show off the Buck Creek Trail Greenway, a project that began in 2009.

“We’ve had the Buck Creek Trail Greenway that we had developed, and so we were looking at ways to, first and foremost, get people out to the greenway and bring people out to that hidden gem in the city,” Hamm said. “It started out as an arts and crafts thing to get people out into the city and enjoy the outside, and it turned into a huge event. We incorporated a kids’ event and we turned it into a trick-or-treat event as well, and that is the biggest draw of the whole event. This year, especially with the people making adjustments for Halloween with COVID, everything was well attended and kids were able to get candy safely and enjoy and be a part of the event.”

Events held by the city tend to be successful when it comes to community participation, and this year was no different, Hamm said. Fall Fest was a great way for community members to congregate safely to celebrate the holiday season.

“I’d say it was as well attended as any we’ve had,” Hamm said. “We had 60 something vendors, food trucks, a band, and a dance company performed a couple times today. I think this year especially, people look for things to get out and go do. They had a safe place to go and a safe place to be a part of something. It’s not about the money, it’s about bringing the people of Alabaster together and attracting those who don’t live in Alabaster to come out to the events. It gives people from outside an opportunity to seek out the city and be a part of what Alabaster has going.”

Due to the threat of COVID-19, Hamm said the event was limited compared to previous years.

“They got to see a portion of what it usually is,” Hamm said. “We usually have more carnival rides and other things like that to enjoy, but from a safety standpoint we chose to limit it to trick-or-treating and vendors. In the future we expect to do nothing but grow and move forward.”

Hamm said the city’s next big event will be near Christmas. To stay informed about Alabaster events, visit the city’s Facebook page or

“The city’s next event is the Christmas parade. We are still taking registration for that right now,” Hamm said. “We are still working on what we’re going to do, it’s just trying to figure out what measures we need to take as they relate to COVID.”

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