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My Helena – Rayme Bryson

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rayme Bryson – Owner of The Tire Doctor, Inc.

Old Town Helena

My wife and I love driving through Old Town and seeing the historic buildings and just having that small-town feel. The creek running through it, the community-oriented businesses, etc. It’s one of Helena’s many treasures.

Helena Market Days

Seeing our neighbors, customers, and friends on a Saturday morning stroll through the market looking at all the unique items from local artists and vendors is a nice little distraction from everyday life. Look for the Helena Historical Society’s booth to find some great treasures with pictures of all the historical buildings dating back to the 1800s and Danielle Portera Lang Fine Art for fantastic local artwork! Danielle is the artist that designed and painted the Husky mural on my building and we love it.

Joe Tucker Park

My wife and I love the walking track with the view of the pond and the kids playing on the playground. The old steel slides bring back childhood memories, and we can’t resist but to relive our childhood and slide down the slide. We’ve rented the pavilions there for birthday parties for our granddaughter Mary Katherine. Just a great place overall, and we look forward to many more years enjoying the park.

The Creamery in Old Town

We love stopping by after events or dinner at The Helena Steakhouse and getting some local homemade goodness to cool off on a hot summer night. Family-owned, this little gem is fantastic with all of the old favorite flavors and new unique flavors to tempt the taste buds! Ice cream is a weakness for me. lol

Coosa Mart Exxon

I know this one may sound off the wall, but Greg Wolf, the owner, and his staff are a staple of the community. Greg takes the time to talk to his customers and gets to know them and their families. He runs a family-friendly business and he’s the reason Tire Doctor is in Helena. He took a chance and rented me the building I’m in, even though he’ll admit, he wasn’t too sure my idea to open a tire shop in an old carwash building would work. After he saw it in action, he thought it was a great idea! Greg is a great guy and after a few months, offered to sell me the building I’m in, even though it would have been more beneficial to him to keep collecting rent. I can’t say enough about Greg and his business!