MVES has successful first day of school

Published 4:52 pm Friday, August 11, 2023

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By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – Children had a blast at Meadow View Elementary during the first day of school as students got acclimated to their new classes and teachers.

Students returned to school at Meadow View Elementary on Thursday, Aug. 10.

“We’re all very excited,” Principal Michelle Brakefield said. “We are thrilled when we actually get to see our students walk back through the door on the first day.”

Brakefield stood at the front of the school and greeted the incoming children for their first day of school.

“I firmly believe that every child should be greeted and spoken to when they come in the building every single morning,” Brakefield said. “As a faculty we work very hard to make sure that children feel welcomed and loved when they get here.”

The first day was an important moment for the staff at Meadow View Elementary School who have been preparing for the upcoming school year.

“Our teachers have done a lot of professional development over the summer,” Brakefield said. “At Meadow View and at Alabaster City Schools they really strive for excellence in everything. We put so much preparation into the upcoming school year, so that when those students finally come on the first day, we’re just thrilled to get started on all the things that we’ve done over the summer.”

Brakefield said that the teachers have been working tirelessly over the summer doing things such as working on their classrooms.

“When the children walk in the door with their little smiling faces, it makes everything worth it,” Brakefield said.

During the first two days of school, the teachers spent time building relationships with their students.

“Every teacher is interacting with the children and they’re getting to know each other and they’re building—from the very first minute those kids walk in their door—they’re building that classroom community,” Brakefield said. “On the first day, our goal is to make sure that everybody gets fed and that everybody gets home safely. And in between that I tell them, ‘You’re building a relationship and you’re showing them that you love them and this is a safe place.’”

According to Brakefield, this was the smoothest start to the school year she has experienced at Meadow View in the five years she has served as principal.

“That just reinforces that what we’re doing is right for our families and for the community,” she said. “We strive very had to form a partnership with our parents because we know that the only way children can succeed is if there’s a partnership between the school and the families. They trust those babies with us and we don’t take that lightly.”

Brakefield shared that the school rolled out a new math and reading curriculum and because of this the teachers feel more settled this year.

“They’re excited to see how far they can take our students,” she said. “We set the bar high in Alabaster City Schools, Dr. (Wayne) Vickers sets the bar very high. We all want to reach that.”