Chelsea Softball Camp continues to create fun for the community

Published 4:33 pm Thursday, June 6, 2024

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By TYLER RALEY | Special to the Reporter

CHELSEA – A night of fun memories took place when the Chelsea Hornets hosted the Chelsea Baseball and Softball Camp on Tuesday, June 4 at Chelsea High School.

The camp lasted from 5-7 p.m. and was run by Chelsea softball coach Scott Lowery and baseball coach Michael Stallings, who were joined by players from both of their teams.

For all CYC spring athletes, there was no fee for the camp, which proved for a good attendance.

Out of the many kids that attended the night of festivities, most of them were younger, which allowed Lowery and his players to help the campers out with basic softball skills. They helped out the older players as well by teaching them things in every aspect of the game.

“It was just a way to get my girls to interact with the younger girls,” said Chelsea head softball coach Scott Lowery. “We have them lead them in fundamentals anywhere from throwing and catching to fielding and fly balls. Then we’ll work with hitting and base running and a little bit of competition where they had a throwing competition and a running competition. Just let them interact and have somebody besides their dad or mom or some other coach coach them up.”

The kids also got the opportunity to meet and learn under the Chelsea baseball and softball players that they have grown up watching at numerous games throughout the season. This was an opportunity for the future of Chelsea baseball and softball to begin learning what it takes to play when they grow up.

“Any time that you’re interacting with somebody that you’ve watched or hear about or read about or try to inspire to as you get older, it means a lot,” Lowery said. “They’ll listen and then all of a sudden a minute later they’re hugging the players because then they see that care from the players and it’s somebody different from their parents and they interact with them a little bit better.”

Coach Lowery was glad that the camp was a success in every aspect and that this will help grow the sport throughout the community.

“It means a lot just because our family is invested here,” Lowery said. “The more that we can have that pour here in Chelsea and keep everybody in the community and being successful with that and trying to grow the sport and love it, the more it’s going to benefit me.”

The camp was Lowery’s second softball camp since joining the Hornets as their head coach last summer. He hopes to continue doing it for many years to come and make a larger impact in Chelsea.

“Hopefully I’m here for a long time,” Lowery said. “It’s only going to benefit me to keep growing with the sport and keep going, playing it and sticking with it and getting the right coaching to make them better, and it’s only going to make my job easier so when I get to them, they’ve been taught the right way so we can just fine tune them a little bit better.”