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The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Sept. 2-6.

Published 12:00am Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sept. 2

-Monica Rae Parker and John Nicholas Sfakianos to James Baker Lee, IV and Leesa Louise Lee for $228,000 for lot 19 at Riverchase.

-uKimberly Dickens to Carmax Auto Superstores, Inc. for $116,000 for lot 48 at Savannah Pointe.

-Carmax Auto Superstores, Inc. to William Belew for $116,000 for lot 48 at Savannah Pointe.

-Bertie Guthrie to Timothy and Sharon Guthrie for $7,506 for one parcel.

-Rosa Lee Savage to Rosa Lee and Gary Savage for $10,000 for lot 323 at Wheatherly.

-Annie Ahern to Jodeph and Rita Schell for $169,500 for one parcel.

-D R Horton, Inc. to Sean Jones and Anna Weete for $212,500 for lot 86 at Villas Belvedere.

-Bishop Martin, LLC to Don Martin Construction Company, Inc. for $100,000 for lots 575 and 583 at Caliston.

-Trinity Homes, LLC to James C. Poole, III and Cheryl Poole for $489,900 for lot 307 at Woodlands.

-Dana Payne to Cross Creek Group, Inc. for $110,000 for lot 33 at Dearing Downs.

-Regina McKnight to Regina McKnight and Laura Aycock for $5,000 for lot 4 at Shires and one parcel.

-Providence Park Partners, LLC to Fann & Rea Realty Partners, LLC for $350,337 for lots 200 and 250 at Providence Park.

-Providence Park Partners, LLC to Benson Holdings, LLC for $751,758 for lots 100, 150, 200 and 250 at Providence Park.

-Ellen Ovson to Douglas Lavell Morris for $525,000 for one parcel.

-Authentic Building Company, LLC to Michael and Jennifer Pasquini for $279,900 for lot 534 at Riverwoods.

-Lynn J. Tidwell now known as Lynn J. Dorris to Bradley Pickering for $165,000 for lot 18 at Stone Brook,

-William and Karen Ragsdale to Edwin and Donna Chandler for $375,000 for lot 44 at Greystone Farms.

-Taylor and Katherine Admas to William and Karen Ragsdale for $270,000 for lot 75 at Greystone Village.

-David and Leanne Smith to Samuel and Melissa Deakle for $216,000 for one parcel.

-Andrew Jackson Mundy, Jr. and Dorothy Carolyn Mundy to Charles O. Wall, II and Cathy Leigh Wall for $210,000 for lots 4 and 5 at Addition to Shelby Shores.

Sept. 6

-David and Bonnie Hicks to Thomas and Terri Lee Perkins for $415,000 for lot 1030 at Brook Highland

-H & S Buildering, LLC to Lana Brock for $139,900 for lot 2 at Fairway Meadows.

-Mark and Lezlie Phillips to James Sinclair for $240,000 for lot 248 at Yellowleaf Ridge Estates.

-Bryan Shanahan to Christopher and Shonda Johnson for $378,500 for lot 103 at Lakewood

-Gary Kelley to Helen Miller for $20,000 for one parcel.

-Spratlin Construction Company, Inc. to Robert and Jean Stevenson for $126,900 for lot 23 at Mitchell.

-Kathryn Rexrode and Gregory Smith to Jayme Marie Linebarger for $124,500 for lot 39 at Village Parrish.

-Richard Conville to Ed Merrell, III for $154,500 for lot 19 at Park Forest.

-Quality Concepts, LLC to Matthew and Christina Hocutt for $190,000 for lot 2 at Highlands.

-Susan Sungelo to Jimmy Evans Swindle for $95,000 for lot 51 at Cahaba Manor Townhomes.

-Ashley and Stephanie Lynn Phillips to P. Stancil Handley for $50,000 for one parcel.

-Paul Brown to Entrust Administration of the Southeast FBO Richard Anderson for $470,000 for one parcel.

-Paul Brown to Richard and Sharon Anderson for $480,000 for one parcel.

-Paul Brown to Richard and Sharon Anderson for $300,000 for one parcel.

-Kenneth Carter and Kencar Development, Inc. to Planserve, LLC for $45,000 for lots 22 and 23 at Carter&8217;s.

-Investment Associates, LLC to Wesley Stephen and Amy Calhoun Parker for $268,060 for lot 29 at Inverness Highlands.

-Foothills Homes, Inc to Twilla Susanne Pugh and Jason Cooke for $227,652 for lot 15 at Foothills Point.

-Riverwood Properties, LLC to Authentic Building Company, LLC for $829,800 for lots 707, 708, 709, 714, 715,

716, 717, 718, 722, 723, 724, 733, 734, 735, 736 and 737 at Riverwoods Brook -Drive.

-Thomas and Margaret Edwards to State of Alabama for $.00 for two parcels.

-Edward R Sweeney, II and Kristy Sweeney to Rebecca Clark for $130,415 for lot 18 at Park Forest.

-ASP Homebuilding, Inc to Chris Burnett for $260,000 for lot 16 at Forest Ridge.

-Emile and Moniaree Jones to Cheryl and David Keith Hale for $462,000 for lot 2 at Wildwood Park.

-Jacynthia Cleaves to David Jones and Dorothy Alexander for $122,000 for lot 55 at Calloway Cove.

-Authentic Building Company, LLC to Grantland Ewing for $110,000 for lot 12 at Nottingham Townhomes.

-Authentic Building Company, LLC to Jonathan Zarzour for $114,900 for lot 87 at Stonecreek.

-Keystone Building, Co. Inc. to Nancy Turner for $302,222 for lto 30 at Townes at Brook Highland.

-Hardage Criss Construction Company, I to Richard and Erica Wall for $313,996 for lot 3 at Lake Ridge.

-Kathy Oakes to Michael and Bridgetta Taylor for $128,000 for one parcel.

-Lorrin Group, LLC to Bruce and Donna Kelley for $133,900 for lot 84 at Grande View Garden and Townhomes.

-BE&K, Inc. to AMI Group, LLC for $900,000 for lot 7 at Oak Mountain Commerce Place and one parcel.

-Emarld Parc, LLC to Curran Homes, Inc. for $40,000 for lot 24 at Emerald Parc.

-Emarld Parc, LLC to Curran Homes, Inc. for $40,000 for lot 25 at Emerald Parc.

-Bruce and Temple May to Deborah Miller Kilgore for $232,000 for lot 103 at Greystone Farms.

-Jeffray and Katherine Hester to James and Nicole Mitchell for $200,000 for lot 24 at Indian Valley.

-Hoover City Board of Education to Water Works and Sewer Board City of Birmingham for two parcels.

-Sportfirst, Inc to Young Mens Christian Association of Birmingham for $.00 for one parcell.

-Old South Builders, Inc. to Reginald Satterwhite, Vandrenese Annquenette Eatser Satterwhite and Vandrenese Annquenette Easter Satterwhite for $195,900 for lot 4 at Chinaberry.

-Thomas and Stacey Cooper to Jason and Amy Edwards for $174,250 for lot 13 at Indian Wood Forest.

-Stephen and Cynthia Sawyer to Brandon and Lori Sparks for $166,900 for lot 425 at Stage Coach Trace.

-David and Cindy Holder to Judith Karvonen for $158,500 for lot 511 at Old Cahaba Park.

-Jeremy Gober and Leslie Gober to Sheri Kelly for $164,900 for lot 16 at Chaparral.

Bernice Robinson to Albert Williams for $130,000 for lot 4 and 5 at Aldmont.

-James and Susan Bunn to Joy and Christopher Jones for $135,000 for lot 11 at Brookfield

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