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Opinion: Preserving the past

As Shelby County continues to grow, it is vital that its residents remember and learn from the past ...


Opinion: Voting with intention

Typically, when election season comes around, I tell myself that I’m not going to vote due to my ...


Opinion: Benefits of the job

I’m excited about this new position and the opportunity to further serve this publication in its continued efforts ...


Opinion: Finding ways to save lives

As the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office expands its repertoire of devices such as drones, it is good to ...


Column: Birmingham sports are better together

In most high school sports, teams have to wait until deep in the playoffs to play in the ...


Opinion: Shelby County keeps growing year by year

If 2023 could be summed up in one word for Shelby County it would be growth.


So, I’ve worked here for six months

Six months ago, I was in Paris with my grandmother and sister when I received an email that ...


Reflecting on the Montevallo Christmas parade

By BARTON PERKINS | Staff Writer I showed up only five or so minutes before Montevallo’s Christmas parade ...


Opinion: Champions of the community

Despite not claiming a fifth State Championship Game, the Warriors have returned home as champions of the community.


Opinion: Focusing on domestic issues

As we get closer to yet another presidential election, don’t forget about local government and the major impact ...


The Christmas season is busy here in Shelby County

Get ready, Cause Christmas is coming.


Opinion: Calera’s next step forward

Because I have seen firsthand what a study done by Dr. Ira Harvey can result in, I can’t ...


Column: The wild and wonderful world of wrestling

I’ve always respected wrestlers and wanted to learn more. I had classes with a few wrestlers in high ...


Thanksgiving turkey tribulations

There are so many different ways to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.


Opinion: We should support our arts programs

As Shelby County continues to grow, it would be good to continue to see more investments and upgrades ...

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