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Holiday meals: What’s your role?

Last week, my coworker Michelle Love discussed in her column the questionable taste of turkey and the importance ...


The next steps in the Chelsea school system decision

It’s clear. Chelsea needs upgrades when it comes to schools, in particular the middle school and the high ...


Education Policy to be front and Center Upcoming Alabama Legislative Session

We are now just about two months from the upcoming 2022 regular session of the Alabama Legislature come ...


Giving Is Part Of Thanksgiving

It’s called “cognitive dissonance” when our thought process is different from our life choices. For example, we know ...


So much to be thankful for this year

Editorial The last two years have left their mark. For many of us, we’ve been overworked, we’re tired ...


Alabama Legislature Further Erodes Confidence of Public in Redistricting Process

This past week the Alabama Legislature concluded its special session called by Governor Kay Ivey to address the ...


To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Shakespeare might say, “To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question.” The question is the same ...


On Being Bi-Musical

It’s been said most of us don’t graduate from the music we liked in college. True for me; ...

Beth Chapman

Thanksgiving Reality

I am thankful all year long for so many things, but I am most thankful for Thanksgiving Day.


Opinion: The highlight of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: arguably the most overlooked holiday due to its unfortunate location in between Halloween and Christmas. It’s the ...


Be thankful for the memories

You know Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation? Well, my family had its own Aunt Bethany in the form ...


New parks create buzz for county

Shelby County officials are always looking for ways to make the quality of living better for residents, while ...


God Bless our Veterans

What can be said of veterans – those who serve in any of its distinguished branches? The answer ...


Great Church Fights

He became a good friend after a mutual friend introduced us. Once he told me his greatest struggle ...


Public libraries still need support

Sometimes, I think back to my childhood and the many times I visited our public library. My mom ...

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