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Seventeen arrested, deputy assaulted during apartment party

Published 3:54pm Wednesday, December 21, 2011


NORTH SHELBY – Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 14 adults and three juveniles after responding to a noise complaint at 2 a.m. on Dec. 21.

The complaint came from the 300 block of Turtle Lake Drive in North Shelby, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office. When deputies arrived, they discovered a “large party” in an apartment and “observed numerous teens in possession of alcoholic beverages in public view,” the release stated.

Numerous occupants fled on foot and in vehicles after the deputies arrived on the scene. In total, 14 adults were apprehended and an additional three juveniles were taken into custody. At that time, 14 adults and three juveniles were taken into custody. All arrests were for alcohol-related charges including the “Open House Party” law, according to the release.


One of the adults taken into custody, Lauren E. Jett, 18 years of age from Indian Springs, was charged with minor in possession of alcohol, assault second degree and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries. When she attempted to leave the scene, the vehicle she was driving struck a deputy, according to the release. The deputy received minor injuries. Jett’s total bond is $30,300.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office directly at 669-4181, through the secret witness line at 669-9116 or through the sheriff’s office website at by clicking on the “report criminal activity” link and choosing the “general information” category.

  • girlsmom68

    You are legally an adult at 18 but not legal to drink until 21. So as far as drinking she is considered a minor.

  • greyhawk

    It is amazing that they arrested this 18 year old girl, and charged her as an ADULT while saying she is a MINOR in possession of Alchol. This is the problem with our laws. We call children adults in some instances and then we call them children in other instances.

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