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Students get creative for Fences on Parade

Published 11:24am Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chelsea High School has had seven students working on its fence project. CHS won first place last year in the high school division, said art teacher Max Newton.

“This group is an extraordinary group of kids,” Newton said. “They are extremely talented and work well together.”

Senior Lauren Hamby said the group wanted to do a pure landscape
this year compared to their previous fences.

Gordon expressed the importance of student involvement in the pieces and said student participation will be considered in a portion of the judging. The SCAC has also provided stricter standards for the depth and construction of the fences, for transport and practicality reasons, Gordon said.

“(It’s) very exciting; it’s always something new every year,” Gordon said. “The fences enhance creativity, and within that creativity bubble, we look for originality and cleverness.”

The SCAC will be awarding prizes to winners for the first time this year.
The Best of Show will win $100 and first place winners in each age group will receive $50.

“Our presenting sponsor, SouthWest Water Company, has made it possible for us to offer prizes and host the exhibit at more locations this summer,” said SCAC President Terri Sulivan.

After the judging, the fences will be stored and then displayed at the Shelby County School System art show on April 16.

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